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Venterskroon : Accommodation & Points Of Interest


Venterskroon is a quiet little village in the North West Province of South Africa. It is a popular holiday destination. The area offers visitors the opportunity to relax and take in nature, to get away from the everyday busy city lifestyle. There is not much in the village itself other than a few houses and a couple of buildings. The countryside offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

The Vredefort Dome Information Centre is in Venterskroon. It is an interesting visit with lots of historical information about the area. The area also offers a variety of hiking trails, walks, mountain bike routes, rock climbing, canoeing and over night hikes. The walks are enjoyable and interesting and visitors can stop and picnic along the way. The mountain bike routes range from easy to difficult, allowing the whole family the opportunity to venture through the beautiful countryside. Most of the tours are guided and you will get to learn a lot about the area as well.

Venterskroon enjoys almost all year round sunshine. The summer months are warm to hot with afternoon thundershowers. The winter months are cool to cold and dry.