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Sunset on the Brandberg  © Greg Willis, License


The small town of Uis can be found in Damaraland, one of Namibia's picturesque desert regions. The name literally means a spring of water, and was adopted because of the town being built where there was such a spring. The spring, however, was not enough to provide water for the growing town and its tin mine. Only when a water pipeline was constructed from the Omaruru River in the 1960s did the town and mine really start to develop.

Uis sits under the shadow of Namibia's highest mountain, the Brandberg, which is where you will find the world famous rock painting of The White Lady, thought to be as much as 20000 years old. Mining in Uis has almost petered out, and the town relies on passing trade to keep it going. One thing that Uis has become well known for are its its excellent examples of rocks and crystals. These are collected by the locals and sold to tourists.





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