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Erongo is one of 13 regions of Namibia and is well known for its colourful volcanic landscapes, rock art, desert elephants and black rhino. Erongo is named after the Erongo mountain which is a very popular landmark in Namibia. Erongo is a well established region in Namibia with mines, schools, hospitals and clinics.

Namibias coldest months of the year are July and August. Being a semi-desert, the days are generally hot and the evenings become very cold. Namibia has almost all its rainfall in the months from November to February. In Summer the temperature in Namibia can easily reach 40deg celsius. During Winter, the temperature is pleasant during the day but drops to below freezing in the evenings. The Namib desert is the most attractive feature of this region as it's beautiful landscape is captivating and ever changing. The coastal stretch along the Erongo region is known more commonly as the Skeleton Coast and is well visited by tourists from all around the world.

There are a wide variety of sports activities available such as fishing and windsurfing. Every year Erongo hosts a yacht race between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Also a regatta for Windsurfers and Hoby Cats. In December there is a triathlon and during the month of October, a marathon which is run through the desert.

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