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Siteki : Accommodation & Points Of Interest

Down the hill from Siteki, Swaziland


Lying in the heart of rural Swaziland, Siteki is the Administrative Capital of the Swaziland Lebombo Area, and is about a two hour drive from Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland. Mbandzeni, the present King Mswati III's great grandfather named the town Siteki, which in Swazi means the "marrying place", when he gave his troops permission to perform marriage ceremonies.

Dont miss the Swaziland Lonhlupekho Craft Market in Siteki, where the Swazis sell a wonderful array of traditional crafts and curios. Vendors at the Swaziland Siteki market are also more than happy to talk about the area, and this makes the market a great place to learn about the real Swaziland from those who know it best.

The main street in Siteki is also the location of many interesting and lively Swaziland restaurants, and if you're looking for hotel accommodation in Siteki, the Siteki Hotel proves to be an ideal stop-over for travellers making their way from Kwazulu Natal to northern Mozambique. For Siteki guest farm accommodation, Mabuda Farm or "place of dreams", lies in a romantic corner of the beautiful Lebombo Mountains, and is the ideal setting for a few days away from it all.

For traditional fare, the Swaziland Siteki Lituba Lodge Restaurant, which looks out over the Swaziland lowveld bush and the nearby Lebombo Mountains, offers a blend of hearty Swazi food, and fresh seafood from nearby Maputo in Mozambikque,on the Indian Ocean.

Siteki is well known for its Inyanga and Sangoma School, a Swaziland government managed facility which trains healers and diviners. Not far from Siteki, the Muti-Muti Nature Reserve is where the practitioners harvest the variety of herbs they use in their traditional medicine.

The Swaziland Muti-Muti reserve is host to moist belt forests, Kiaat woodlands, rocky plateaus, cliffs and open savannah, and on a clear day one can see across the entire breadth of Swaziland in the west, and across the floodplains of Mozambique situated in the east.

Nearby Swaziland attractions include the Border Cave (22.59km) - an extremely important archeological find which has yielded more than a million Stone Age artifacts, as well as some of the earliest modern Homo Sapiens remains ever discovered. Swaziland Mlawula Nature Reserve (25.86km) offers fishing, walking safaris, and game viewing, either at one of the hides within the reserve, or from game viewing vehicles. Visitors must however be warned of the dangerous crocodiles.

Where to Stay hosts Siteki accommodation options as well as nearby Swaziland guest houses, Swaziland self catering and Swaziland hotel options. Golf estate accommodation in Swaziland should be sought in Manzini (Nkonyeni Golf Estate) and Swaziland Royal Spa which is a Sun International hotel and Casino in Mbabane.