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Mbabane Area : Accommodation & Points Of Interest

Mbabane Area - Swaziland

Mbabane Area

Mbabane in Swaziland is named after Swazi Chief Mbabane Kunene. Mbabane has a population of around 94 000, and is the capital and largest city in Swaziland. Located on the Mbabane River, Mbabane is set amongst the glorious mountain scenery of the Dlangeni Hills in the Swaziland western highveld.

One of the main attractions in Mbabane is the Swazi market. Situated on the banks of the Mbabane River at the centre of Mbabane, the marketplace houses stalls selling fruits and vegetables, and a wide assortment of traditional Swazi handicrafts, which include woven sisal baskets, candle holders, beaded clay pots and place-mats.
Make sure, when in Swaziland, you visit the Indingilizi Gallery art gallery in Mbabane, which exhibits the best of African art and crafts, showcasing the work top contemporary artists of Swaziland. The exhibition includes sculptures, paintings, batiks, mohair, ethnic jewellery and pottery. The Indingilizi Gallery has an distinctive collection thats pricey, but well worth a look.
Mbabane in Swaziland also boasts a ground breaking treasure, the Coronation Cycle Park, which offers a pioneering circuit to suit any skill level, from children to experienced mountain biking experts.

Although Mbabane is the capital of Swaziland, it's not that impressive, but rather just a relaxed and functional place. There are only a handful of restaurants in Mbabane, such as the Taste of Africa Restaurant, where you can indulge in culinary delights by well-known Ugandan chef Richard Wangoolo, who serves award winning African-fusion cuisine from across the continent.

There is a variety of Swaziland accommodation category options, such as the comfortable Swaziland bed & breakfast accommodation provided by the aptly named Eden Guesthouse, and the Red Berry bed & breakfast, which overlooks the magnificent Sibebe Rock and Pine Valley. If you're looking for hotel accommodation in Mbabane, the Mountain Inn is the choice for comfort, convenience and breathtaking views embracing the grandeur of Ezulwini Valley, where you'll also find excellent, and typical Swaziland self catering accommodation at Buhleni Farm Chalets tucked away on a bushveld fruit farm just 5 minutes from Ezulwini Valley's city centre.

Located about 10km outside Swaziland's Mbabane, Sibebe Rock which overlooks the Mbuluzi river, is considered to be the second largest free-standing rock in the world, next in size to Ayer's Rock in Australia. Hiking up the sides of this massive Sibebe Rock feature is a good adrenalin charge if youre reasonably fit, and magnificent views from the top prove to be well worth the effort.

Attractions near Mbabane in Swaziland include: Mdzimba Mountain (18.4km) - the burial place of Swazi kings and royalty; The Swaziland National Museum located in Lobamba (15.56km) - provides an interesting and insightful introduction to the origins and history, Swazi culture, lifestyles and traditional attire of the Swazi nation. Lying adjacent to the Swaziland National Museum is Swaziland's King Sobhuza II Memorial Park - which serves as a tribute to the memory of the nation's beloved King Sobhuza, who led Swaziland to independence in 1968.

The Sun International Casino is situated in Mbabane - If you are not keen on Swaziland Hotel accommodation, then try some of Where to Stay's Swaziland Bed and Breakfasts or Swaziland self catering options in Mbabane or the nearby towns such as Ezulwinj Valley.

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