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Hwange National Park Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

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Hwange National Park Accommodation Categories
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Ivory Lodge

Game Reserve And Bush Lodge Accommodation in Hwange National Park

This safari lodge comprises of seven elevated thatched tree house style rooms, as well as two grand tented presidential suites, all commanding great views of a private and extremely active waterhole.

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Khulu Lodge

Game Reserve And Bush Lodge Accommodation in Hwange National Park

Khulu overlooks an ancient riverbed, in today's terms called a 'vlei' and the waterhole in this vlei is known to attract a variety of the greatest wildlife and bird life in Hwange National Park.

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Hwange National Park Overview

Hwange National Park Accommodation

Zimbabwe Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Zimbabwe Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

WhereToStay offers a communication facility for all of your Hwange National Park Bed and Breakfast accommodation investigations. We will connect you with the various Hwange National Park bed & breakfast owners in order to finalise any special queries or requests that you may have.

We strive to recruit those special Hwange National Park bed and breakfast categories that include Hwange National Park Pet-Friendly Bed and Breakfast as well as Wedding and Conference Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Hwange National Park.

Hwange National Park B and B accommodation (Star Graded) - This will display a list of all properties that are regularly visited by SA Tourism Grading Council (SATGC) and are generally of a very high standard

You can find all Hwange National Park b and b accommodation via our "Map Search" or our other simple "Quick Search" options on WhereToStay.

You may get lucky and find some of our Hwange National Park b&b SPECIALS that are advertised from time to time - look out for the "Accommodation Specials"  on our multitude of holiday accommodation listings.

In South Africa the term Hwange National Park B&B accommodation generally applies to smaller establishments with less than 8 bedrooms.

Hwange National Park Guesthouse accommodation on the other hand is expected to have more than 8 bedrooms. A Hwange National Park Guest House would be slightly smaller than a Boutique Hotel. Hwange National Park B&B holiday accommodation and Guesthouses often overlap and are almost inseparable..

Hwange National Park bnb's quite often have the owners living on the premises, as they do in Europe. When compared to South African Guesthouses, Europeans would not necessarily have 8 or more bedrooms.


WhereToStay bied 'n kommunikasie fasiliteit vir al jou Hwange National Park Bed en ontbyt ondersoeke. Ons sal kontak besonderhedeu van die verskillende Hwange National Park bed & ontbyt eienaars vertoon sodat u  enige spesiale navrae of versoeke kan finaliseer.

Ons streef daarna om spesiale Hwange National Park bed en ontbyt kategorieë wat Hwange National Park Troeteldier vriendelike bed en ontbyt asook Troue en Konferensie Bed & Ontbyt akkommodasie in te sluit.

Hwange National Park B en B verblyf (stergradeer) - 'n lys word vertoon van alle wat blyplekke gereeld deur SA Toerisme Raad gradering (SATGC) besoek word en is oor die algemeen van 'n baie hoë standaard

U kan al die Hwange National Park b en b vakansie verblyf deur middel van ons "Kaart Soek" of ons ander eenvoudige "Vinnige Soek" opsies op WhereToStay vind

Miskien is u gelukkig en ontdek 'n paar van ons Hwange National Park b & b spesiale tariewe wat geadverteer word  - kyk uit vir die "spesiale verblyf aanbiedings" wat saans op ons  volledige akkommodasielys vertoon is.

In Suid-Afrika, die term Hwange National Park B & B akkommodasie geld oor die algemeen kleiner ondernemings met minder as 8 slaapkamers.

Hwange National Park Gastehuisverblyf sal na verwagting uit meer as 8 slaapkamers bestaan. 'n Hwange National Park Gastehuis sou effens kleiner as 'n Boutique Hotel wees. Hwange National Park b en b vakansie blyplekke en Gastehuise oorvleuel dikwels en is byna onafskeidbaar ..

Hwange National Park BnB eienaars woon dikwels op die perseel, na gelang wat dikwels in Europa plaasvind. Wanneer ons saam  vergelyk sou die Europeërse Gastehuis nie noodwendig 8 of meer slaapkamers