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Hwange National Park : Accommodation & Points Of Interest

Hwange National Park

Named after a local Nhanzwa chief, Hwange Rosumbani, Hwange National Park in Matabeleland is Zimbabwe's biggest and oldest game reserve. Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is situated on the main road between Bulawayo and the world famous Victoria Falls (about two hours drive from Hwange National Park). Hwange National Park is one of Africa's finest havens for wildlife, is about 14,650km² (roughly the size of Belgium or Wales), and adjoins the Botswana Chobe National Park. This gives the vast Zimbabwe elephant herds (thought to be anything between 20 000 to 75 000 and up to 110 000), in both Hwange National Park and Chobe National Park freedom to roam and feed, making it one of the last great unfenced wilderness areas allowing uninterrupted large mammal movement as far as the Botswana Okavango Delta.

Hwange National Park accommodation offers Hwange National Park bush lodge accommodation, and Hwange National Park private game reserve accommodation offers luxurious privacy with old world hospitality for those looking for a real 'African' adventure.

- Ivory Lodge, Hwange National Park accommodation gives guests the opportunity to view some of Hwange National Park's most prolific wildlife species from the comfort of their rooms - from big cat carnivores to herds of buffalo and elephant, sometimes up to 500 strong.

- Khulu Lodge, Hwange National Park accommodation offers guests walking and driving safaris, and pan/hide sits, all popular ways of seeing Hwange National Park wildlife.

In terms of game viewing, the best time to visit Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park is between June and October, when the temperature is hot during the day but can drop to below freezing at night. During Hwange National Park's dry winter months the animals are concentrated around the man-made waterholes, making for spectacular game viewing. Hwange National Park's summer season generally starts with fresh rains in November, bringing the arrival of migrant birds and the movement of mammals in search of fresh growth. The bush gets thick, insects flourish, birding improves, but Hwange National Park's game viewing dwindles as the wildlife retreats in search of cool shelters.

To fully enjoy the prime Zimbabwe national parks, combine Hwange National Park with Zimbabwe's more remote Mana Pools, (about 651km and 9hrs from Hwange National Park), where you'll find luxurious Mana Pools Private Game Reserve accommodation at Chikwenya Safari Lodge, which lies on the lush Zambezi river bank.

Nearest towns on Where to Stay with Hwange National Park accommodation:

Bulawayo, 328km and about 5hrs 30mins from Hwange National Park - where you'll find comfortable Bulawayo Bush Lodge (Catered) accommodation near Bulawayo, and Zimbabwe's Matobo Hills.

Harare, 601km and about 9hrs 12mins from Hwange National Park. Harare Bed & Breakfast accommodation is generally situated in the upmarket suburbs of Harare, only minutes from the city centre, close to business, tourism and travel hubs.

Mana Pools, about 651km and 9hrs from Hwange National Park - offers luxurious Mana Pools private game reserve accommodation at Chikwenya Safari Lodge, which lies on the lush Zambezi river bank.

Chobe National Park over the Botswana border. Chobe National Park Private Game Reserve accommodation Chobe Safari Lodge is conveniently situated in the corner of four African countries Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.

Okavango Delta Private Game Reserve accommodation over the Botswana border - for luxury 'vintage' safari camps for the safari traditionalist!

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We strive to present a mixture of upmarket Hwange National Park accommodation, and affordable accommodation (to suit all pockets and tastes), especially for self catering accommodation in Hwange National Park, which is a category more geared for family holiday accommodation in Hwange National Park.
Hwange National Park bush lodges should be considered for holiday accommodation in Hwange National Park (or in towns near Hwange National Park).

Suitable Hwange National Park accommodation can also be found in nearby towns such as Bulawayo, 328km from Hwange National Park, Harare, 601km from Hwange National Park, and Mana Pools, about 651km from Hwange National Park.

We recommend that, if in doubt about accommodation quality, and to put your mind at ease, you should consider Star Graded accommodation in Hwange National Park, whether it be Star Graded self catering Hwange National Park accommodation, or Star Graded Hwange National Park bed and breakfast accommodation. See here for our Star Graded Hwange National Park accommodation page.
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