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The Gamkaskloof is a narrow isolated valley about 20 miles long with a maximum of 600 feet wide located in the Swartberg mountain range. It is managed as part of the Swartberg Nature Reserve, and is a top tourist destination in the Little Karoo and is of ecological, archaeological and cultural-historical importance. The reserves vegetation is remarkably diverse, featuring renosterveld, mountain fynbos, Karoo-veld, spekboom veld, and numerous bulb species. Some species are in bloom almost throughout the year.

Access to Gamkaskloof is 15km from Prince Albert, near the summit of the Swartberg Pass. Visitors should allow almost a full day in a sturdy vehicle with high clearance to travel the 57km to the end of the valley and back.

Attractions and activities include picnicking, a Norwegian mill, angling in the Gamka River, sightseeing and relaxing in this natural paradise as well as two hiking trails to choose from.

Its desolation makes it popular among sports enthusiasts. Apart from hiking there is the popular To Hell and Back mountain bike race and the trail run known as the Mad Scientists Midnight Hell Run (formerly the Moonlight Hell Run). A number of adventure races also used Gamkaskloof as part of their route.




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Gamkaskloof Accommodation, Klein Karoo & Groot Karoo
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