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Weltevrede Fig Farm

The Weltevrede Fig Farm is a great way to get away from the buys city lifestyle and enjoy some time outdoors with the family. The farm is situated in the Weltevrede Valley near Prince Albert. The Fig Farm is one of the first fig farms in South Africa and offers spectacular mountain views of the Swartberg Moutains which surrounds the area.

What started out as a fruit drying farm where they dried peaches, apricots and figs, has today turned out to be a popular and very successful fig farm boasting over a thousand fig trees. The farm sells bottled, fresh and dry figs. This is a truly unique farm experience with so much to see and do. Visitors can expect to see baboons and antelope and also Bushman paintings which are within walking distance of the farm itself. The best times to visit the farm is during the harvesting and drying seasons. These months are from January to May, this is when you will get to see how the figs are picked, processed and packed.

You will enjoy the experience and learn so much. Be sure to visit the farm when you are in the area. For more information contact 023-5411229 or visit www.figfarm.co.za

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