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Ficksburg : Accommodation & Points Of Interest


Situated between the slopes of the Imperani Mountains and the west banks of the Caledon River, Ficksburg, with its tree lined avenues and magnificent sand-stone buildings gives off an atmosphere of lazy ambience.

The entry point from South Africa to Lesotho, Ficksburg, founded in 1867, was named after Commandant General J Fick.

The museum located in the town square features exhibitions of the history of the town, its founder, the sand stone architectural culture and the cherry industry.

With its rich soils and abundant water, Ficksburg is a wonderful farming area. It is situated in the wheat belt of the Free State and is renowned for its Cherry industry. A cherry festival is held here each November.
Numerous examples of San Art can be found in the Ficksburg surrounds and water sport activities can be enjoyed on the Nelspruit Dam. Hiking and Mountain Bike Trails are offered in the area as is mountain climbing.

A rare collection of restored carriages and wagons can be viewed in the Dunoon Museum a mere 15 kilometres from Ficksburg.