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The small village of Elim can be located some eighteen kilometers to the southeast of Louis Trichardt in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. The region is an extremely popular tourist spot, famous for its arts and crafts. There is an arts and crafts tourist route in the Elim area, where sisal mats, candles, silk-screen prints, batik articles, traditional Venda pots and wooden carvings can be seen, and which gives insight into the life and culture of the Shangaan people. There is a pottery co-operative near Elim that has many unusual pots, including some with designs in relief - like the headless women. The co-operative comprises 12 women, who make pots, and two men, who carve figures from wood. Clay for the pots is collected from a river nearby.

Close to Elim is the 2500-hectare Ben Lavin Nature Reserve, a privately owned reserve just to the south of Louis Trichardt, which is home to more than 50 mammal and 230 bird species, the latter including the rare Gymnogene, the Gorgeous Bush Shrike and the Bronzewinged Courser. There are excellent accommodation facilities here.

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Elim Accommodation, Vhembe
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