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Ribolla Arts and Crafts Route

Ribolla Arts and Crafts Route

A group of artists from the Limpopo region have organised themselves to form the Arts and Crafts Route. The artworks created by these artists have often drawn their inspiration from the mythical, which forms an important part of the local culture. There are crafters and artists, traditional dancers, storytellers, gardeners, and singers to be seen in the traditional Shangaan and Venda villages you pass on the route through Limpopo to the Kruger National Park. The artists use traditional materials such as driftwood and clay to create artworks which range from wood carvings to pottery. The route covers the four primary areas of Venda, Elim, Makhado and Giyani. One of the fascinating facts about the artists on the route is that the majority of them have never received any formal training. Their skills have been gained through years of practice as well as through the guidance of their predecessors and it has resulted in what is now regarded as a unique group of artists forming the Ribolla Arts and Crafts Route. Some of the artists include; Twananani Textiles specialising in hand painting, block printing, dying, bead work and embroidery to create home decoration and fashion products, Thomas Kubayi who uses wood and cement to create sculptures, Lucky Makamu makes sculptures with metal elements and benches and tables decorated in the same style as his sculptures, Noria Mbasa is an internationally recognised female wood and clay sculptor, Pfananani weaving and Mukhondeni Pottery. There is also the Ribolla Cultural walking trail and the Tshakuma market which is held along the R 524, where women sell fruit and vegetables from the farms in the Levubu valley.

For more information please contact:
Ribolla Tourism Association
Tel: +27-15-5564262
Fax: +27-15-5564333
Or email: ribollata@mweb.co.za

Physical Address:
Old Khoja Building
Behind Elim Shopping Complex

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