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The South West African country of Namibia is divided into 14 different regions and one of these regions, that lies along the Northern border with Angola is the Ohangwena Region. Eenhana is the capital town of this region and is probably one of the only towns in Namibia that is completely surrounded by an unspoiled indigenous forest environment, and greenery which is why it is proudly referred to as the Green Side.

The town (which was developed on the site of a small water pan) was originally declared as a settlement and an administrative centre of the Ohangwena Region in 1992. It was only 7 years later, on the 15th April 1999 that it proclaimed as a Town. The name Eenhana is derived from the word calves in the local dialect, Oshikwanyama, and references the calves that used to drink at the small water pan. During the South African occupation of Namibia, Eenhana was a strategic military centre for the South African Defense Force and there was very little, if any, public infrastructure in place. This is a long way from the town we see today. Eenhana is one of the fastest growing Towns in Namibia with surfaced roads and serviced land.

As the town is relatively close to its neighboring Angola, Eenhana has a large number of businesses taking advantage of this fact. Each year, the town hosts a trade fair that highlights local businesses. The town is also the location of at least five mass graves of People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) members who were killed by the South African forces during the Namibian War of Independence. Women and men who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country and who died while liberating Namibia from colonialism are the people who are remembered at the government built Eenhana Memorial Shrine, situated on the northern part of the town. The memorial was commissioned by the Namibian government but physically built by China State Construction Engineering Corp at a cost of N$ 5 million.

Eenhana is connected to one of the areas most popular tourism routes, the extension of the Trans-Caprivi Highway. The highway passes through the town and connects Eenhana to Rundu, Katima Mulilo and Victoria Falls/Livingstone in the east. It is also linked to Ruacana and Epupa falls on the west via the Okalongo Outapi road. For visitors to the area, some of the other attractions include the Oukwanyama Kingdom and King Mandume Musseum at Omhedi, a Community Conservancy at Omauni and the Ondeshifiilwa Memorial site.





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Eenhana Accommodation, Ohangwena
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