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Clarens Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Clarens Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

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Clarens Bed & Breakfast

Clarens offers a huge list of Bed & Breakfast accommodation given the relatively small area it covers. Most Bed & Breakfasts in Clarens are within easy walking distance to the main central shop area thus making them ideal for family members to "go their own way". Winter time is particularly special, with most Bed & Breakfasts in Clarens offering warm fires or electric blankets to keep the evening winter chill at bay. No matter what the time of year, Clarens is a special place and should be visited at least once.

When it comes to accommodation in Clarens there is an overwhelming choice given that the area is relatively small. One could almost say that throwing a stone in any direction would probably hit a Bed and Breakfast in Clarens. For those seeking a little more independence from a regular B&B there is vast selection of self catering accommodation in Clarens. If pampering is your thing, why not consider a Hotel in Clarens.

Visitors to the quaint village of Clarens are spoilt for choice with a host of galleries, craft shops and restaurants to explore, while the more adventurous in the family can indulge themselves in the many outdoor pursuits on offer. Clarens has become an artist's haven, possibly lured here by the unique golden light cast by the sun on the cliffs of the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. Even the ancient inhabitants of the Clarens countryside were inspired to express themselves artistically as is evident from the many Bushman paintings in the surrounding sandstone cliffs.

It is a destination for the whole family. Dad can go golfing or trout fishing while Mum browses the shops at her leisure or enjoys a spot of tennis. The teens can go horse riding, river rafting or play paintball games while the younger children hunt bones on the Dinosaur trail. Grandparents can indulge in the more leisurely pursuits of bowls, game watching and bird spotting. But whatever you do, don't forget to bring your camera. Every angle from the Clarens town square is a postcard in the making.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Clarens is an excellent choice and location for exploring the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and Eastern Free State area in general.

We believe that dealing directly with the owners of the Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Clarens, offers a better experience. Any questions relating to the Bed and Breakfast accommodation offered in Clarens can be answered directly. In most cases you will find that we supply direct contact details for most of our Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Clarens.

In addition to the Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Clarens category we offer the following alternatives:

Clarens Self Catering Accommodation (For those who like to take care of themselves!).

Not sure what accommodation in Clarens suites you best? Our complete list can be found here: Clarens Accommodation





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Clarens Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
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