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Chizavane : Accommodation & Points Of Interest

Chizavane, Gaza - Mozambique


Chizavane is a small village situated some 280 kilometres to the northeast of Mozambique's capital city, Maputo. The village is largely undeveloped, but there is an excellent resort to be found at the end of a ten kilometer sand road that leads to Praia de Chizavane, or Chizavane Beach. Chizavane, like many other resorts in Mozambique, has a pristine white coral beach as well as a fresh water lagoon just inland. There is some excellent fishing and diving to be found at Chizavane, and boats may be chartered for this purpose. Chizavane is the ideal destination for those who wish to "get away from the rat race" of city life.

This is also an excellent destination for the bird watcher, especially during the rainy season, which usually occurs during the last two months of the year. This is an ideal destination for the young couple with children. 4 x 4s are a good idea because of the sand road.