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Bulawayo : Accommodation & Points Of Interest

Jacarandas in Bulawayo - Zimbabwe


Home to over a million inhabitants, Bulawayo is the capital of Matabeleland, and Zimbabwe's second-largest city after Harare.

Because Bulawayo is a key location on Zimbabwe’s road network, travellers usually pass though Bulawayo when travelling between Matobo Hills National Park and Victoria Falls, Harare or Hwange National Park.

Where to stay near Bulawayo:

Farmhouse Lodge - Bulawayo Bush Lodge accommodation, is located 48Kms from Bulawayo on the Matopos road, and lies in the heart of the Matopos World Heritage site. In this Bulawayo accommodation, you'll enjoy food cooked on an open fire whilst sitting outdoors on a warm evening under the stars.

- In Matobo Hills, (40kms from Bulawayo), you'll find Matobo Hills Bush Lodge (Catered) accommodation at Camp Amalinda, Bulawayo Bush Lodge accommodation tucked away into an ancient Bushman's shelter, and Big Cave Camp reposing atop an enormous granite whaleback commanding inspirational views across the famous Zimbabwe Matobo National Park.

- If you're planing to visit Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, it is a 6 hour drive, but you'll be rewarded with plenty of comfortable upmarket Harare Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

What to do and see in Bulawayo:

- Walk along Bulawayo's bustling tree-lined boulevards bordered by faded buildings from the colonial era. Wander through the Bulawayo Botanical Gardens, and indulge yourself in a delicious steak in one of Bulawayo's excellent restaurants. Shop till you drop at the Bulawayo Center, and take home souvenirs from the Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Centre, which offers a range of locally crafted sculptures, basketry, pottery, beadwork and woodwork.

- A major tourist attraction is the Zimbabwe Matopas National Park, less than an hour's drive from Bulawayo. The Matopas National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s most beautiful and popular regions. Made up of rolling hills, thick bush, granite rock formations and an abundance of wildlife, Motopas is without a doubt a truly enchanting piece of Africa.

- Just 22kms to the west of Bulawayo is Kame Ruins, one of Southern Africa's magnificent late Iron Age ruins (now an Unesco World heritage Site).

- Also worth a visit, and situated on the main Gwanda Road 23km from Bulawayo, is the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Research Centre - home for orphaned, sick or abandoned wild animals. There are lion, leopard, cheetah, black rhino; many species of antelope and a large collection of birds.

Although Bulawayo is quite some distance from Victoria Falls, it is pretty centrally situated and offers Bulawayo accommodation hospitality at it's best.

Bulawayo Bush Lodge (Catered) accommodation in Bulawayo creates the ideal stop-over facilities for weary travellers. Bulawayo Bush Lodges are scattered around the town and provide true African ambiance. Only 45 km outside of town will get you in touch with some nice Bulawayo Bush Lodges (see Where to Stay Bulawayo accommodation map).