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The Classic Car and Bike Show

The Classic Car and Bike Show
The Classic Car and Bike Show is an annual event which is held in Plumstead in Cape Town, South Africa. The event will take place at the Timour Hall Primary School over two days.
The very first car show took place in January 2000. It started off as a one day event with only a few clubs supporting. A few years later the decision was made to open the show over two days and to include modern and future classics to the show. The show has grown tremendously since. Each year the show gets bigger and better and it is very popular amongst locals and visitors from all around the country.

The Classic Car and Bike Show is a wonderful method of fundraising and it has been very successful. There are a variety of charitable programmes which benefit from this show from the Roberson House, Tape Aids for the Blind and the Chaeli Campaign to mention only a few.

Help support these wonderful causes by enjoying the show with your family and friends. There is so much to see and do over the two days. The gates open from 10am to 4pm each day.

For more information visit www.classiccarandbikeshow.co.za

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