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The Sand du Plessis Theatre

The Sand du Plessis Theatre

Impressive, astounding, astonishing, and those are just a few words that come to mind when looking at this state of the art theatre in Bloemfontein. The theatre seating layout is Continental, meaning that there is no centre isle and replacing the conventional balcony are four staggered seating areas. Symphonies, musicals, music revues, rock, cabarets, dance/music extravaganzas, ballets, dramas, pantomimes, fashion shows. And all of these viewed by up to 964 comfortable seats filled with more than satisfied guests per performance.

That is just the front of the theatre. To ensure that every performance is spectacular, the theatre has been equipped with state of the art stage equipment, lighting, sound and an 11 storey tower above the stage, which rates as one of the highest in the world, for incredible scene changes and flown scenery. Apart from 26 change rooms for up to 78 artists, there are an additional three 6 star suites for VIP artists, as well as two saunas, a large make-up room, a hairdressing salon, and a wig room.

With facilities like these for patrons and artists alike, you can be assured of performances which will be treasured for many years to come.

For More Information contact Tel: +27-51-4477771

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