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The Bloemfontein Fire Station

The Bloemfontein Fire Station

Erected in 1933 directly opposite the Supreme Court building in President Brand Street, the Bloemfontein Fire Station caused some controversy. It was felt that its location was not fitting for a working emergency service, but it was designed in such a way that it merged two of the design elements of the surrounding buildings and it soon became a landmark in Bloemfontein. The design elements can clearly be identified when looking at the building. There is the stately symmetric sandstone finishes on the lower floor which reflects the government buildings in President Brand Street while the upper floor is a direct contrast with the Mediterranean style reflecting The Waldorf Building which is just 200m down the road. Although it is the landmark fire station in Bloemfontein, it is the Ehrlich Park fire station that houses the largest Fire Service museum in Southern Africa.

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