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The Orange River, Upington

The Orange River which flows past Upington together with the Kalahari bind this Principal city of the Northern Region of South Africa. The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa with its origins in Drakensberg in Lesotho winding its way westward to the Atlantic Ocean.

Contrary to popular belief, the Orange River was not named after the colour of the water. The Orange River was however named by Colonel Robert Gordon of the Dutch East India Company after William of Orange, a Dutch Nobleman.

The Orange River does not flow through and of South Africa's major cities but it does play significant roles for them. The Orange River is used for irrigation in the dry western parts of South Africa as well as its tremendous power being harnessed and converted into Electricity which is then fed into the South African Power Grid. The Orange River also forms both provincial borders and the international borders of Namibia and Lesotho for South Africa.

Apart from its historical, geographical and industrial significance in South Africa, the Orange River is also a major source for recreation in South Africa. The Orange River is very popular for Canoeing and Rafting and paddlers can sometime travel up to 30km per day depending on the conditions. Canoeing trips on the Orange River can also be arranged in Upington.

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