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Fort Glamorgan

In 1848 Fort Glamorgan was established on the Buffalo River, to house troops and to guard the start of the supply line to King William's Town. The fort was named after Lord Charles Someset's father, the Earl of Glamorgan. Somerset was the governor of the Cape Colony. Fort Glamorgan was proclaimed a national monument in 1938. Fort Glamorgan is located within the grounds of the Glamorgan Prison, and is in a decent condition, as the old buildings are maintained by the Department of Correctional Services.

The original fort consisted of a loop-holed wall, which encompassed the soldier's barracks, forage stores and stables, a hospital and cookhouses. The original powder magazine was located outside of the fort's perimeter. The British realized that this was a mistake, and a new magazine was built inside the grounds in 1856. The powder magazine was constructed of Dolerite blocks, and features an arched roof, surrounded by a high wall and adjoining guard house.

The powder magazine is the only reaming building at the fort, and is situated about 500m from the main gate of the prison, and is only accessible through the main prison gates, so you will need to request permission to enter before visiting. Permission to visit Fort Glamorgan must first be obtained from the Area manager of the Department of Correctional Services. For further information send a fax to (043) 7311512 .

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