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Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve

Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve - Midlands & Battlefields, KwaZulu Natal  © Darren Glanville, Copyright

Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve

Situated in the heart of the magnificent KwaZulu Natal midlands, a short distance below Howick Falls, is the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve. The reserve covers an area of 650 hectares, and is managed by the Wildlife Society of South Africa. The Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve houses one of Africa's leading environmental education centres, with more than 15000 students making their way to the reserve each year to participate in various ecology, bush craft and adventure courses.

The majority of the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve is situated within the breathtaking gorge below the Howick Falls, while the upper part of the reserve, above the falls, comprises the fringe of a rolling plateau. The terrain suddenly drops at the edge of the plateau for about 60m to form dramatic rock faces in places. Below the falls, the reserve continues along the Umgeni River for about 7 km.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be well-catered for with a number of self-guided drives, and six well-marked hiking trails. A popular option is the four day hiking trail which leads visitors between Howick Falls and Karkloof Falls. There are many picnic spots in the reserve which provide visitors with awesome views of the scenic gorge. A variety of wildlife which includes giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, nyala, impala, eland and other mammals can be found in the reserve. With a total list of over two hundred species, bird watchers will also find delight in sighting a number of rare species which include the elusive Nerina Trogon and the Crowned Eagle. An abundance of butterflies can also be seen in the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve.

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