Travel Hacks 101

We know that packing to go on your trip can be daunting…

Baggage overweight, not enough space in the car, jewelry getting lost and tangled, having to sit on your bag to close it… fear not, we’ve got you covered! 


Introducing “Travel Hacks 101” 



Thread your necklaces through a straw – now you don’t have to spend 87 hours untangling.


If you’re going for a walk on your holiday and don’t want to take a bag with you, empty the contents of  a lip ice container, roll up some money and voilà! Small, easy to store, and safe!

Packing toiletries has to be the worst! Nobody really has space in their bag for the 10 bottles of hair products they use on the regular – so, squeeze some of those into small bottles and attache them to a lanyard. Easy peasy.


Losing your cables in amongst your luggage is never fun. Twirl these stealthy little cords into small bundles and put them in a glasses case.


No room for toothpaste? No problem. Squeeze some into a smaller bottle and label it so that you don’t end up brushing your teeth with shampoo.


Bobby pins – the bane of every girls’ existence. These get lost and stay in hiding, never to be found. Keep these little guys under control by putting them in bobby pin jail – an empty Tic Tac container will do the trick.


Going swimming and afraid your keys will get lost? Attach them to a cork and they will float along instead of sinking.


Don’t want to take big bottles of sunscreen to the beach? Put enough for a single use in a straw, and then burn the ends closed.


Perfect for long flights, where large amounts of liquids aren’t allowed and space is limited. Using an empty contact lens case, put whatever products you need for the plane inside.


Keep your clothes smelling fresh in your bag by putting dryer sheets in amongst your clothing.


Save space and prevent your clothes from wrinkling by rolling them instead of folding.


No place to store your belt? Roll it up and put it into the collar of one of your shirts. This keeps your collar from getting crumpled, and protects your belt.


You’re on holiday and you want to play some banging tunes, but the place you’re staying has no decent speakers – place your phone into an empty cup and the sound will be amplified.


Keep losing your earrings? Pin them onto a button and keep them together.


Don’t you hate it when you go to the beach and your phone gets full of sand? Here’s an easy fix: pop your phone into a Ziploc bag and seal it.


Keep all your hair bands together by placing them on a caribiner.


If you’re at a hotel and you can’t find the remote, download the TV remote app on your phone and change channels with ease.


Shoes keep dirtying your clothes? Use a shower cap to store your shoes in.


Keep your bits and bobs organised by putting them into a pill box.


If you’re tired of your bottles leaking into your bag, take off the lid, put a piece of plastic over it and put the lid back on. No more shampoo soaked shoes.


To save space in your bag, roll up your socks and put them into your shoes.


If you have kids and you want to make life easier, put each outfit in a clear bag and label it.


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