Namibia’s Pride – Desert Lions Of The Skeleton Coast

“The image of a lion walking along an isolated beach has captured the imagination of many filmmakers, scientists, and wildlife enthusiasts, and over recent years the story of the desert lion population has unfolded. They have survived against all odds, and continue to strive to exist in one of the worlds harshest environments.

The elusive desert-adapted lions of Namibia can live without water for extended periods. The little moisture they do take in is obtained from the blood of their prey. To find their prey, they need to travel very long distances in search of food, and hunger will drive them to take risks when hunting larger prey. They will also sometimes use the little energy they do have to settle for smaller prey like mice – prey that other lions will see as a waste of time.

Walking over the hot desert sand, their legs tend to be a little bit longer than ‘regular’ lions, while to withstand the cold of the night, their coats are slightly thicker. To cool their bodies down they pant, and sweat through the pads of their paws.
These secretive cats roam the rugged mountains, majestic sand dunes, gravel plains, scrublands and beaches of the Skeleton Coast, in constant danger, everlasting hunger and thirst, and inevitable suffering.”

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15 South African Instagramers to Follow in 2016

Looking for some inspiration for the new year?

Well, we have some right here. 



“I AM CAPE TOWN” Brendon Wainwright is an adventure photographer and time-lapser. His Instagram account is perfection.



Craig Howes describes himself as “The Earth’s photographer”. Earth was not available for comment as this time, but we’re pretty damn sure she is flattered.        

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Pictures That Prove South Africa Is The Most Beautiful Country

We have found these amazing Instagram photos that prove that South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet! We are so blessed to have such a colourful country.


Back in the mother city! Dubai last night was crazy too Rocking my @JustPorter backpack in this shot.

A photo posted by ah-leks (@diaryofalex) on

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The Sheer Magnificence of AfrikaBurn

And so AfrikaBurn 2015 has come to an end…

This year’s theme was “The Gift”, and it proved to be just as epic as any other year! The festival, which takes place on Stonehenge Farm in the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape, is South Africa’s very own version of Burning Man.

Visitors get to leave the regular world behind as they enter a world of utopia and surrealism. AfrikaBurn is a Leave No Trace event, which means that once everyone has packed up and left, there is no trace that there was any recent human life there – the aim is to keep the Karoo semi-desert as pristine as it was before. Participants get dressed up to the nines in outfits that have been planned months ahead of time. Cars and bicycles are kitted out (all logos are to be hidden on cars, clothing etc.).

Money will do you no good here. Absolutely nothing is for sale, except for ice. Don’t expect to barter either – the community works on “gifting”; you give what you can to contribute to the event – whether it’s beer, your skills or a first aid kit, and when you need something, all you have to do is ask.

If you plan ahead, plan smart and do it right, AfrikaBurn may just be the most incredible event you will ever get to experience!

Below are some of the pictures from Afrikaburn 2015, just to get you excited for next year!

#Afrikaburn #desert #egg #wings A photo posted by Lolla (@carlottasabb) on

Nothing to see here #installation #desert #art #Afrikaburn #planking

A photo posted by Daniapea (@daniapea) on

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South Africa’s Top Birding Spots

If you’re one of those people who like to annoy the big cat watchers on a game drive, who will cluelessly peer in the direction your binoculars are pointing, and if your favourite accessories are your camera, a birding book, and a pair of binoculars, then make sure to add the following list of incredible birding spots to your bucket list!

Nylsvley Nature Reserve

Near the town of the Naboomspruit in the Limpopo province lies one of South Africa’s largest flood plains – the Nyl River flood plain. The grassland flood plain stretches over 70km and forms an area known as Nylsvley. Part of this flood plain is incorporated into the Nylsvley Nature Reserve.

The reserve is widely known for its amazing variety of bird species, claiming 370 species of which 102 are waterfowl, 58 species of which breed on the flood plain (23 of these 58 are on the Red List of threatened species). At any one time there are estimated to be approximately 80 000 birds in the area. During the flood season, the plains also become important in the breeding of large numbers of fish and frogs – the main food source of most of the bird life. The total number of bird species found on the entire flood plain is 412 which is almost 50% of the total bird species in the entire South Africa.

The reserve also plays an important role in the breeding of the Roan antelope and the Tsessebe (a rare breed of antelope). Apart from wildlife, the only plantations of wild rice in South Africa are also found here. The Nylsvley Nature Reserve also has a restaurant called the Spoonbill Restaurant which is open all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a refreshing drink.

The reserve is open 06h00 -18h00 every day of the year.

For more information on tariffs and reservations contact:

Tel: +27-15-2907336 or


Clint Ralph

African eagle by Clint Ralph

John Vosloo3

Buzzard by John Vosloo

Daryl Dell30

Lark-like bunting by Daryl Dell

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