Pictures That Prove South Africa Is The Most Beautiful Country

We have found these amazing Instagram photos that prove that South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet! We are so blessed to have such a colourful country.


Back in the mother city! Dubai last night was crazy too Rocking my @JustPorter backpack in this shot.

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Luxury Accommodation For The Not-So-Budget Traveler

We often have the urge to treat ourselves to a fabulous holiday, so we scroll through the accommodation listings with anticipation…

“Oohh, that looks lovely… oh wait.. the price.”

“What about this one? Oh, nevermind.”

“This one is four stars, so it should be within our budget.. Nope.”

Admit it, we’ve all been there. But there are the lucky travelers who are able to drop dollar for an amazing penthouse… so, this list is especially for YOU (and the rest of us who want to dream of better days and drool a little).

Camps Bay Retreat

Where: Camps Bay, Western Cape

About: Camps Bay Retreat Boutique Hotel is a sanctuary for the soul, set on four acres of lush green nature reserve. With a mountain meditation pool, thickets of trees, waterfalls and streams, it is a peaceful paradise, where meditative moments are waiting to be had.

Price: R3 150 – R12 840 per room per night

Awards: Certificate of Excellence 2015 Winner – Tripadvisor

For more information, click here.

Camps Bay Retreat

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One can spend forever wandering up and down the beautiful KwaZulu Natal Hibisucs Coast, exploring charming little sea-side towns rich with vibrant cultural heritage, diverse fauna and flora, a multitude of local attractions, and of course, plentiful South Coast accommodation to suit all pockets and tastes. If you’re an avid sun-worshiper, fisherman, surfer, scuba diver … or anyone who loves glorious beaches, numerous places of interest, a wide choice of shopping facilities and activities, gourmet restaurants, entertainment and exciting nightlife, then the sub-tropical paradise of the KwaZulu Natal Hibiscus Coast is definitely the place for your next family vacation.

hisbiscus banner

Uvongo on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal is a bustling seaside holiday town situated at the mouth of the Ivunga River, where a magnificent waterfall plummets 23m down into the deepest lagoon in the country. Large rock escarpments covered with beautiful, dense foliage shelter Uvongo Beach, where visitors can swim, surf and snorkel in the warm Hibiscus Coast Indian Ocean waters. Uvongo is awash with stunning beachfront accommodation, affording one the most exquisite sea views. Visit Uvongo Self Catering Accommodation.


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10 Awesome Road Trip Activities for Kids


If you have ever been on a road trip, you know how boring the long haul can get – now add a kid or two into the mix. The moms and dads out there will understand what it’s like to be leaning over your seat trying to get the goo out of Bobby’s eyelashes, while Jessica is letting out a blood curdling screech as Joseph pulls her hair and simultaneously chokes on a grape. Life is messy… parenthood is messier (road trips with kids are havoc).
So we thought we’d put together a list of activities to keep little ‘uns occupied (and you sane).


Build-It Lego

All you need to do is add a few Lego pieces into a small container and draw a few diagrams of what the finished model should look like and get your kids to build each one.

5-IMG_3679 2-IMG_3660 3-IMG_3670

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