Nelspruit : Accommodation, Activities, Restaurants & Points Of Interest


If you're traveling to the lowveld via the N4, Nelspruit is the perfect resting point before venturing into Kruger Park. While you're there, the CrocRiver Enviro Park is well worth a visit with its fascinating displays of turtles, crocodiles, snakes and lizards.

Nelspruit is translated from Afrikaans to mean Nel's stream after the farm built on the Crocodile river by the three Nel brothers, Andre, Louis and Gert, who grazed their cattle there. The town developed after a station was built on the brothers' land, and Nelspruit has now become an important commercial center for the area. Local industry is, for the greater part, based on the agricultural produce of the area. Thus we see timber mills, paper manufacturing, fruit canning, furniture manufactuing etc.

Nelspruit boasts a new international airport and there are regular scheduled flights to the larger cities of South Africa.