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Viljoenskroon : Accommodation & Points Of Interest



Aproximately 45 kilometres from Bothaville and Orkney, and approximately 60 kilometres from Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Kroonstad and Parys you will find the small maize and cattle farming town of Viljoenskroon. The Free State town was named after the original farm owner JJ Viljoen and his horse Kroon (Crown). Viljoenskroon was laid out in 1921 on the farm Mahemskraal and it became a municipality in 1925.

The Sandfontein Museum is the only museum in the Viljoenskroon area, and it is devoted to tractors of all kinds. Although not always the case, this is a strong indication that the people of Viljoenskroon are very dependant on agricultural activities, especially maize production, for their income. Some of the products farmed in the area include, maize, wheat, sunflowers, groundnuts, potatoes and cattle. Driving in and around Viljoenskroon you will see the importance of its stud farming in the area as well as several huge grain silos, which make it one of the biggest grain storage centres in South Africa.

Some of the sights and activities in the town include an 18 Hole Golf Course, Putt-Putt, the Ben Well Herb Garden, Hunting and Game Drives, Bird Watching, Potteries, Horse Riding, Mampoer and Witblits Stokery Furniture and the Peanut Plant.

The region experiences its coldest temperatures during July when the mercury drops to 0 degrees Celcius on average during the night, so visitors are advised to pack some warm clothes. But the days are a little warmer with the average midday temperatures for Viljoenskroon ranging from 18 degrees Celcius in June to 29 degrees Celcius in January.