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Suiderstrand Accommodation

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Suiderstrand is a small coastal town in the Western Cape in South Africa and is the perfect getaway for the nature lover or if you want to spend some relaxing days on the beach away from the busy city life.

Suiderstrand has many attractions and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Western Cape. It is approximately 5km away from L'Agulhas which is the Southern most town in Africa and is also one of the most popular fishing spots in South Africa. While relaxing on holiday in Suiderstrand you will enjoy the pristine beaches with rockpools you can snorkel in and the walks on the beach and nature hikes through the National Park. There are also 4x4 tours available as well as hiking trails and fishing. It is also a well known amongst windsurfers and kite surfers.

Suiderstrand is in the Western Cape which enjoys warm to hot and dry summer months with cool to cold winter months, with most rainfall in the winter.





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Suiderstrand Accommodation, Overberg / Whale Coast
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