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Lying in the shadow of the Eastern Cape Winterhoek Mountains in the Baviaans Wilderness Area, Steytlerville is known as the 'home of peace and tranquillity'. Steytlerville is a place to rest and restore your soul.  This little Eastern Cape Karoo town with its bougainvillea lined streets and horse drawn carts is rich in Victorian architecture, and boasts one of the largest Gregorian style Dutch Reformed churches in existence. Evidence of Steytlerville's long history since 1875 is preserved in the Steytlerville Museum, which houses clothes, implements and memorabilia from the turn of the century, This part of the Eastern Cape Karoo is the centre of the wool and mohair industry, and home to sheep, ostrich and goat farming. Local farmers around Steytlerville are also re-introducing game, such as kudu, duiker, wildebeest, klipspringer, impala and zebra to the area, and opening up portions of their farms for Eastern Cape malaria-free game viewing.

Situated at the entrance to the Baviaanskloof, Steytlerville has access to one of the world's most famous heritage sites, one which shows the footprint of human history. The Eastern Cape Baviaanskloof is derived from the Dutch "valley of baboons", and is known for its unspoilt vast plains, steep mountain passes, precarious gorges and vast plains. In this unique and isolated Eastern Cape wilderness, one can hike in the fresh mountain air, drink crystal clear spring water, and enjoy the natural diversity of the Baviaanskloof - one of South Africa's best kept secrets.

For superb Steytlerville accommodation, the historical Steytlerville Royal Hotel, promises you a fabulous time whether you're a historian or a romanticist.
Dating back to 1897, this Steytlerville Bed & Breakfast / Hotel accommodation has a tranquil atmosphere with typical old-fashioned rooms. For fine dining, the Royal Hotel, Steytlerville's typical old-fashioned dining room and fireplace is where you can savour authentic Karoo cuisine.
For Eastern Cape accommodation further afield, Jansenville - 61km North of Steytlerville, is where you can find Star Graded Jansenville Private Game Reserve accommodation set in the midst of an abundance of wildlife.

Steytlerville is known as 'the stoep-sitting capital of South Africa'. More of an art than a past time, it's when you sit on one of the long street facing verandah's and do absolutely nothing other than chat to friends, raise your glass, and while away the time appreciating life in this quaint traditional Eastern Cape town. One of the many wonderful sights from a Steytlerville stoep are the flags that line Steytlerville Main Street. These flags depict the family crests of Steytlerville families, and those without crests are encouraged to pay homage to their family name by designing their own. 

Other things to do and see in Steytlerville, Eastern Cape :

Steytlerville War Monument built in 1925 pays homage to those who died in the First World War between 1914 - 1918, and to those who perished during the Second World War.
- The Steytlerville Craft Shop, where the Steytlerville Crafters Community showcase their skills is an absolute must visit.
- 4x4 trail riding on farms near Steytlerville, where wonderful Eastern Cape scenery begs to be explored from the back of quad and motorbikes.
- Picnic at Draaikrans, a rock formation which is over 60m high and a million years old.
- Saturday night at the Steytlerville Karroo Theatrical Hotel, who present a unique extravaganza of audio, culinary and visual delight.

Although the tiny Eastern Cape town of Steytlerville only sports a population of a few thousand, and is predominantly an Eastern Cape farming community, with simple people living simple lives, Steytlerville is known the world over for the many strange myths of a shape-shifting ‘monster’ which has plagued the sleepy Karoo town causing serious havoc.  To date the 'Steytlerville Monster' has done no harm other than to terrify Steytlerville residents, and bring this quirky Eastern Cape town to the notice of visitors from afar. Mostly, Steytlerville is known as the Eastern Cape town where "the silence is so pure you can hear God think, and the stars so near you feel you have only to reach out to touch them".

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It is our mission to search for, and recruit a wide selection of suitable Steytlerville accommodation, particularly the more popular categories such as Steytlerville Bed and Breakfast accommodation, Steytlerville Self Catering accommodation, Steytlerville Guest House accommodation, and other Steytlerville lodges such as Self Catering Cottages in Steytlerville, and Steytlerville Hotels.
We strive to present a mixture of upmarket Steytlerville accommodation, and affordable accommodation (to suit all pockets and tastes), especially for Self Catering accommodation in Steytlerville, which is a category more geared for family holiday accommodation in Steytlerville. Steytlerville Hotels should be considered for business or holiday accommodation in Steytlerville (or in towns near Steytlerville).

Suitable Steytlerville accommodation can also be found in nearby towns such as Jansenville, Eastern Cape - 61km from Steytlerville accommodation.

We recommend that, if in doubt about accommodation quality, and to put your mind at ease, you should consider Star Graded accommodation in Steytlerville, whether it be Star Graded Self Catering Steytlerville accommodation, or Star Graded Steytlerville Bed and Breakfast accommodation. See Where to Stay for our Star Graded Steytlerville accommodation page.
Be sure to check our other Special Categories for Steytlerville Pet Friendly accommodation, Steytlerville or Conference accommodation, Steytlerville Wedding Venues and Steytlerville accommodation that sleeps 10 or more persons, etc. etc.

Afrikaans alternate search phrase - Steytlerville akommodasie or Steytlerville akomodasie.




WhereToStay Steytlerville accommodation ranges from a variety of specific categories such as Steytlerville self catering accommodation to Steytlerville b and b accommodation and many more.

More sought after Steytlerville accommodation categories include Steytlerville pet-friendly and Steytlerville wheelchair-friendly accommodation. If you are specifically pursuing these Steytlerville accommodation categories, then we highly recommend that you contact the accommodation owner directly to ensure that the facilities are satisfactory and to your liking.
The Steytlerville pet-friendly accommodation and the Steytlerville wheelchair-friendly accommodation facilities can vary between large Steytlerville Hotels as well as small room only accommodation. Self catering Steytlerville accommodation will occupy the majority of these listings.

99% of all Steytlerville guest houses listed on WhereToStay will display rates for your convenience. Occasionally a Steytlerville guest house will ask you to request a quotation.
WhereToStay tries to keep the Steytlerville self catering and Steytlerville b&b standards at the highest levels relative to tariffs charged. Misleading advertising related to any listings of Steytlerville B&B and Steytlerville self catering accommodation should be reported so that WhereToStay can act accordingly.

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WhereToStay Steytlerville Akkommodasie wissel van `n verskeidenheid van spesifieke categoriee soos Steytlerville selfsorg akkommodasie, Steytlerville, b en b blyplekke en nog veel meer.

Meer gesogte Steytlerville slaapplek kategoriee sluit in Steytlerville troeteldier-vriendelike blyplekke en Steytlerville rolstoel-vriendelike akkommodasie.
As jy spesifiek vrae oor die voorsetting van hierdie Steytlerville blyplekke, sal dit raadsaam wees om kontak met die eienaars te maak om te verseker dat die fasiliteite bevredend is en na you hart.

Die Steytlerville troeteldier-vriendelike verblyf en Steytlerville rolstoel-vriendelike vakansie blyplekke kan wissel tussen Steytlerville Hotelle asook klein kamer akkommodasie in Steytlerville. Steytlerville selfsorg slaapplekke sal die meerderheid van hiedie inskrywings beset.

99% van alle Steytlerville gastehuise gelys op WhereToStay sal pryse vertoon vir u gerief. Soms sal `n Steytlerville gastehuis vra om `n kwotasie te versoek.

WhereToStay probeer om die lys van Steytlerville slaapplek standaarde op die hoogste vlakke (relatief tot tariewe) gehef hou.

Misleidende advertensies wat verband hou met enige lys van Steytlerville blyplekke moet aangemeld word sodat WhereToStay kan daarvolgens optree.





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