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A view of the town of Orania © Orania Beweging, License


Orania is a small town in the Kalahari & Diamond Fields region of the Northern Cape. Orania is located close to the Orange River and is split in two by the R369 road and is aproximately 871 kilometres (541 mi) from Cape Town and approximately 680 kilometres (420 mi) from Pretoria. Orania has been in the news over the years a lot and greatly divides public opinion. Despite this Orania remains a flourishing town and has a booming tourism industry. Accommodation in Orania is varied with both Hotel, Bed and Breakfast and Self Catering options available. There are restaurants and convenience shops available for supplies. The town is a busy spot for various sporting events and tournaments so booking in advance is highly recommended. A stay in Orania is not only safe and clean, it also offers insight into Afrikaaner heritage and is a worthwhile visit for those seeking a greater understanding of the town which has a history of making headline news.





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Orania Accommodation, Kalahari & Diamond Fields
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