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Marnitz is situated about 40 kms south of the Groblersbrug border post. This makes it an ideal venue for an early morning border crossing into Botswana. The Marnitz area has some of the largest Boabab trees in the world.

Boabab trees are some of the most imposing and long-lived trees in South Africa. Some specimens have been dated to over two thousand years old. Old Boababs can create their own distinct ecosystems. Elephants browse the leaves and strip the bark, while birds and baboons feast on the fruit.

Accommodation in the Marnitz area is in the form of self catering cottages. Visitors are advised to stock up because the town of Marnitz does not have any big stores.

Facilities in the Marnitz area include access to the internet, jacuzzi, onsite hunting, fully equipped kitchens, satellite TV and a wheelchair friendly enviroment.

Activities in the Marnitz area include access to the entertainment area, equipped with pool tables and dart boards. Visitors can also enjoy guided game drives and access to the Buffalo breeding area.

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Marnitz Accommodation, Waterberg
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