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Loxton Accommodation

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Step back in time, with a visit to Loxton


Loxton is a small town in the Northern Cape in the Upper Karoo of South Africa. This town is beautiful all year round with trees lining the streets and colourful blossoms in spring. The old trees give this town much of its character along with the old buildings, some of which are more than a hundred years old. Some of the residents still use a donkey and cart as a means of transport. There is a church here that was built with sandstone and is one of the attractions of the town, as well as the windmill.

There is also water sports available in the bigger dam for the more energetic visitors. Come and spend some time in this breathtakingly beautiful town. There is fuel available from the Loxtons Farmers co-op but it is closed on Saturdays from 1pm, Sundays and public holidays.

Loxton is situated in the Northern Cape which is semi-desert. This part of the karoo falls in the winter rainfall area and temperatures drop considerably. There is often snow on the mountain peaks during winter. The summer months are hot and dry.