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  • Elephants at Sibuya Game Reserve 
  • Kenton-on-Sea - Western Region, Eastern Cape  © Randy OHC, Copyright


Eastern Cape - Kenton-On-Sea Tourism  
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Lying midway between Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth and East London, Kenton-on-Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the Eastern Cape. Amongst beaches blessed with the most magnificent natural assets, Kenton-on-Sea's Kariega Beach has been voted the best beach in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. Referred to as 'the jewel of the Sunshine Coast', Kenton-on-Sea nestles between the mouths of the aloe-lined Eastern Cape Boesmans River and Kariega River. Both are tidal waterways offering great fishing and bird-watching opportunities, with frequent sightings of the Eastern Cape Fish Eagle and Little Sunbird. The magnificent Eastern Cape sand dunes, fantastic rock pools and rock formations of the unspoilt Kenton-on-Sea beaches never cease to delight both adult and child alike. To complete the Kenton-on-Sea magic, Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales also make this Eastern Cape coastline home, when they return to Kenton-on-Sea each year between July and December.

Kenton-on-Sea is only a few kilometres from a number of Eastern Cape Game Reserves that offer malaria-free game viewing, including the Big Five. Kenton-on-Sea Private Game Reserve accommodation at Sibuya Game Reserve is discretely tucked into a small forest on the Kariega river bank, where you will feel a sense of oneness with the wilderness all around. With no schedules and absolutely no pressure on guests to do anything other than relax, Eastern Cape Sibuya Game Reserve combines the finest in Kenton-on-Sea Game Reserve safari luxury, with fabulous service and truly memorable Eastern Cape Game Reserve experiences.

For the more actively Eastern Cape adventurous, Kenton-on-Sea offers hiking trails and mountain biking, and for those seeking culture, the neighbouring Eastern Cape town of Grahamstown (59km from Kenton-on-Sea accommodation), hosts the annual Grahamstown National Arts Festival, a 10 day celebration of dance, theatre, comedy, music, art exhibitions, workshops and Eastern Cape tours.

Known as 'the place where the sun spends the winter’, Kenton-on-Sea, or just 'Kenton' as the locals call it, is the ideal Eastern Cape holiday destination for the whole family. With its pristine Eastern Cape beaches perfect for swimming, surfing, sun tanning, snorkelling, fishing and lazy sun-tanning, and the quiet Kenton-on-Sea Nature Reserve with its network of interesting trails, Kenton-on-Sea is one of the Eastern Cape's most popular holiday resorts.

Directions to Kenton-On-Sea:

- from Port Elizabeth, drive North on the N2 for 40km, turn off on the R72. From there Kenton-on-Sea is about 70km.
- from East London, drive 156km or 1hr 44 minutes along the R72 to Kenton-on-Sea.

Kenton-On-Sea weather:

The balmy Kenton-on-Sea temperate climate almost guarantees summer temperatures no higher than 27°C, with most rainfall during summer, and winter temperatures usually never fall below 10°C. With the warm Mozambique current flowing past this part of the Eastern Cape coastline, the water is delightful all year round.

Kenton-On-Sea accommodation:

As one of the most picturesque holiday resorts in the Eastern Cape, Kenton-on-Sea accommodation is superlative. Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering Cottage accommodation boasts magnificent views of the Eastern Cape coastline, Bushmans River and Kariega River; luxury Kenton-on-Sea Bed & Breakfast accommodation from which you can whale watch; Kenton-on-Sea Private Game Reserve accommodation on a malaria-free 'Big-5' Eastern Cape Game Reserve e.g Sibuya Game Reserve , and Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering Apartment accommodation situated just five minutes from the Kenton-on-Sea village centre, restaurants, Kariega River, Kenton-on-Sea lagoon and Kenton-on-Sea main beach. Visit the WhereToStay Kenton-on-Sea accommodation page for more details on these outstanding Kenton-on-Sea establishments.
Other Eastern Cape towns near Kenton-on-Sea with WhereToStay accommodation listings : Bushman's River Mouth accommodation 4.2km; Cannon Rocks accommodation 16.3km; PortAlfred accommodation 25.3km; Alexandria accommodation 26.9km; Seafield/ Kleinemonde accommodation 42.9km; Grahamstown accommodation 59.2km.

What to do and see in Kenton-On-Sea:

For the newcomer, the Kenton-on-Sea Tourism Office will provide you with info and maps on all you need to know about what to do and where to go. Contact them on +27 (0)46 648-2418
For some good 'down home' fun, go line dancing in the Kenton Hall on Monday nights.
Nature lovers will enjoy hiking in the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve, where trails will take you on an easy hike through the 30h reserve above Kariega Beach between the Bushman’s and Kariega Rivers.
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, the mountain bike enthusiast must try the Sebumo Tude Mountain Bike Trails, where you can do 6.5 km and 9 km tracks through beautiful indigenous bush.
Between July and December every year visitors flock to Kenton-on-Sea to watch whales breach off the Eastern Cape shore.

Where to eat in Kenton-On-Sea:

Bushman's Bar & Grill offers top class meals - finger licking baskets, hearty burgers, tasty ribs, matured steaks, succulent seafood and more!
Sandbar Floating Restaurant situated on a permanently moored boat is a rustic, homely and comfortable Eastern Cape eatery with a menu characterized by pub fare and South African favourites.
The Goat Shed bistro in Kenton-on-Sea boasts the best calamari and steaks, and the famous breakfast pizza will satisfy any hunger or cure a hangover/

Kenton-On-Sea contact details:

Important Kenton-on-Sea telephone numbers:
Kenton on Sea Police Station: +27 (0)46 648-1222
Kenton-on-Sea Clinic:  +27 (0)46 648-1531

Nearby Points Of Interest

Eastern Cape, Kenton-on-Sea Accommodation

Known as the 'Jewel of the Eastern Cape Sunshine Coast', Kenton-on-Sea lies between the mouths of the Boesmans River and Kariega river. Safe for water sports and swimming, the tidal waterways also offer excellent fishing, and teem with an abundance of bird life.  Flanked on each side by the navigable rivers, the Kenton-on-Sea Kariega Beach fronts the picturesque resort onto the Indian Ocean, giving Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation breath-taking views of the Eastern Cape coastline, and both Bushmans and Kariega River.
If you prefer the best of both worlds, Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation at Belton Farm (20km inland from Kenton-on-Sea) offers Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation in a unique setting with magnificent views of the undulating hills and Kariega River Valley. This Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation option is also a Kenton-on-Sea Pet Friendly accommodation establishment, and will welcome your 'furry friends', making your Eastern Cape holiday complete.

Stay in Kenton-on-Sea accommodation situated just five minutes from the Kenton-on-Sea village centre, restaurants, Kariega River, Kenton-on-Sea lagoon and Kenton-on-Sea main beach, in luxury up-market Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation lying in a quiet secluded area close to all amenities.

For shorter stays, you'll find superlative Kenton-on-Sea Bed & Breakfast accommodation from which you can whale watch between July and December, when the gentle giants make the Eastern Cape Kenton-on-Sea coastline home.

Where the delightfully scenic Kenton-on-Sea Kariega River estuary winds its way through wooded thickets and steep banks before opening out onto wide, grassy flats and sandbanks just upstream of the Indian Ocean mouth, you will find Kenton-on-Sea Game Reserve accommodation situated on a malaria-free 'Big-5' Eastern Cape Game Reserve. At Sibuya Game Reserve, stay at the 'River Camp', discretely tucked into a small forest on the river bank, where you will feel a sense of oneness with the wilderness all around, or the luxury 'Sibuya Game Reserve Forest Camp', perfectly situated on the banks of the river, but tucked unobtrusively into the indigenous bush., guaranteeing the finest in Eastern Cape Game Reserve accommodation safari luxury, with fabulous service and truly memorable game experiences.
Visit the WhereToStay Kenton-on-Sea accommodation page for more details on these outstanding Kenton-on-Sea establishments.

As an alternative to Kenton-on-Sea accommodation, you may want to try Bushman's River Mouth Self Catering accommodation just 4.2km from Kenton-on-Sea accommodation. Bushman's River Mouth Self Catering  accommodation also sleeps 10 or more, and Bushman's River Mouth Pet Friendly accommodationmakes it easy for you to bring your 4 legged family along.
Another Eastern Cape town near Kenton-On-Sea with WhereToStay accommodation listings is Cannon Rocks Self Catering accommodation, where you will enjoy a 'home from home', and the sound of the sea thrown in for free at Fogys.

Visit The WhereToStay Eastern Cape  Kenton-on-Sea, Accommodation Page

It is our mission to search for, and recruit a wide selection of suitable Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape accommodation, particularly the more popular categories such as Kenton-on-Sea Bed & Breakfast accommodation, Kenton-on-Sea Self Catering accommodation, Kenton-on-Sea Guest House accommodation, and other Kenton-on-Sea lodges such as Self Catering Cottages in Kenton-on-Sea, and Kenton-on-Sea Hotels.
We strive to present a mixture of upmarket Kenton-on-Sea accommodation, and affordable accommodation (to suit all pockets and tastes), especially for Self Catering accommodation in Kenton-on-Sea, which is a category more geared for family holiday accommodation in Kenton-on-Sea. Kenton-on-Sea Hotels should be considered for business or holiday accommodation in Kenton-on-Sea (or in towns near Kenton-on-Sea).

Suitable Kenton-on-Sea accommodation can also be found in nearby towns : Bushman's River Mouth accommodation 4.2km; Cannon Rocks accommodation 16.3km; Port Alfred accommodation 25.3km; Alexandria accommodation 26.9km; Seafield/ Kleinemonde accommodation 42.9km; Grahamstown accommodation 59.2km.

We recommend that, if in doubt about accommodation quality, and to put your mind at ease, you should consider Star Graded accommodation in Kenton-on-Sea, whether it be Star Graded Self Catering Kenton-on-Sea accommodation, or Star Graded Kenton-on-Sea Bed & Breakfast accommodation. See our Star Graded Kenton-on-Sea accommodation page.
Be sure to check our other Special Categories for Kenton-on-Sea Pet Friendly accommodation, or Kenton-on-Sea Conference accommodation, Kenton-on-Sea Wedding Venues and Kenton-on-Sea accommodation that sleeps 10 or more persons, etc. etc.

Afrikaans alternate search phrase - Kenton-on-Sea akommodasie or Kenton-on-Sea akomodasie.





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