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Eastern Cape, Hogsback Tourism
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Lying in the misty forests of the Eastern Cape Amatola Mountains, there's a quaint little village called Hogsback. Steeped in mystery, myth and folklore, and surrounded by centuries old indigenous forests, the natural beauty, pure mountain air, waterfalls and overwhelming quiet of Hogsback is said to have inspired J.R.R Tolkien to write his world-famous trilogy - The Lord of the Rings. It is also said that people who hear the 'magic call' gravitate to the Eastern Cape village of Hogsback, and those who come to stay in Hogsback include painters, potters, musicians and poets, who would rather savour the Eastern Cape Hogsback beauty than live in the rush of a big city. Known as the foremost Eastern Cape arts and crafts colony, a photographer’s dream and home to nature lovers, Hogsback attracts those who love to hike, mountain bike, bird watch, mountain climb and trout fish in the Eastern Cape, as well as couples who come for Hogsback Wedding Accommodation, in the midst of dreamy, enchanted forests rumoured to be home to fairies, trolls, elves and wizards.

About an hour and a half drive from the scholastic Eastern Cape town of Grahamstown, three mountain peaks which look like wild hogs come into view. These mountains are the spiritual domain of the Eastern Cape Xhosa people, who call this area 'Qabimbola' (after the red clay from the area they adorn their faces with), and after which Hogsback is named, likened to the hogs who run through the forest. Paths have been laid out through the forest marked with hogs of different colours, and while exploring, you may be lucky to hear the call of the Knysna Lourie /Loerie, see a troop of Samango monkeys, or catch a glimpse of the endangered Cape Parrots that nest in the Yellowwood trees.

Things to do and where to eat in Eastern Cape, Hogsback

Adding to Hogsback's allure is the Hogsback Labyrinth perched on 'The Bluff', which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding Eastern Cape mountains, a deep gorge with pristine untouched forests, and the villages nestling in the Eastern Cape Thuyme Valley below. The Hogsback Labyrinth is one of the biggest in the world - an eleven circuit Labyrinth with a diameter of 29 metres. Walking the Hogsback Labyrinth is said to be a spiritual experience, a place to pray and meditate, as well as a popular place where couples come together in marriage.

While still in a reverent mood, visit the Hogsback 'Voice of the Earth Eco Shrine' created by artist Diana Graham, who says she "felt impelled to make a place where art and nature, science and a sense of the sacred come together". This unique outdoor garden is decorated with mosaics, sculptures and oil paintings, and offers breathtaking views of the Eastern Cape mountains, waterfalls and valleys.

Explore the Hogsback Camelot Fairy Meander - a 400m garden pathway adorned with captivating sculptures of fairies and gnomes, flowers and ponds. Nearby stands the Big Tree, an ancient 2000 year old yellowwood tree called the Eastern Monarch, the biggest tree in the Eastern Cape that stands more than 36m high.

For an experience of a lifetime, Hogsback Amathole Horse Trails offer you 'a ride on the paths less travelled through the beautiful Amathole Mountains and Hogsback forests', where you can swim with the horses in a local dam, then picnic on the Eastern Cape mountains.

For the more energetic, hike up Gaika's Kop (1700m), from which you have a panoramic view of the Eastern Cape Elandsberg Mountains, and on a clear day even the coastline, some 120 km away, is visible.

Take home a piece of magic when you visit Hogsback Crystal Corner, where you can choose from a range of crystals, beautiful gemstone jewellery and Chakra stones.
It's also customary to buy a walking stick from one of the crafters in Hogsback village, a traveller's memento of their time in this unforgettable part of the Eastern Cape.

Take the Hogsback Plaatjieskraal Arts & Crafts Trail, which will take you to Starways Pottery & Gallery, where you can enjoy a cup of mint tea. Then on to Mafika Pottery and Wrought & Rustic where intriguing metalwork arts are made. Whilst at the Somerset Gardens & Art Gallery, grab a bite to eat, or you can save your appetite for the Butterfly's Bistro, where you can sit and eat under large oak trees in a big, tranquil garden. On colder days you can warm yourself by a ceramic wood-burning fireplace, and enjoy delicious pizzas, pastas and sweet temptations.
On the first Saturday of the month the popular Hogsback Farmers Market takes place just outside the Butterfly Bistro. On the grass under the trees you will find many stalls selling delightful home cooked fare, dairy products and breads.

For something different, try the Hogsback Happy Hogs Pub & Restaurant, where according to a patron, "the pub rocks, and the lamb curry and full monty breakfast is just great!!".

Eastern Cape Hogsback Annual Events

Hogsback Country Xmas in July 
offers locals and visitors to the Eastern Cape the opportunity to enjoy laid back family entertainment in the form of art, music, sport, and of course - food.

Hogsback Arts Spring Festival in September
The Hogsback Garden Club invites you to celebrate spring in the Eastern Cape by visiting the most exquisite gardens brimming with azaleas and irises under the shade of Japanese Cherry, Maple, Tulip and Dogwood trees.

When looking for Eastern Cape Hogsback Accommodation, Maylodge Country Cottages (Hogsback Self Catering Cottage Accommodation) asks that you come and spoil yourself, and promises "a garden forever in bloom filled with magical, exciting discoveries". This Hogsback Self Catering Cottage Accommodation is also wheelchair friendly accommodation.

Huddled in a fold of the Eastern Cape Amathole Mountains, Hogsback is an unexpected treasure, a very special place where you can leave behind the mundane and embrace the divine.

Guests Visit to Hogsback

Arrived in Hogsback, a delightful town in the Eastern Cape (via Queenstown), and it's everything they said it would be.

Although the main tar road from Hogsback to East London is spectacular, we chose to take a "backroad" to Hogsback from Queenstown in order to create a short-cut. We spent quite some time on a 50km rough dirt road, but the scenery was great (we even saw some goats sleeping whilst their companions actually stood on top of them - weird hey?)
I think that the average speed over this road was about 40km per hour.
There were also some little farm chapels along this road which has attracted much interest for tourism in the Hogsback area.

When we hit the town of Hogsback, we were bowled over. Guest houses and bed and breakfasts in Hogsback are plentiful. I suppose that Hogsback self catering accommodation is also pretty populer for countryside holiday making.

Unfortunately Hogsback accommodation was not on the cards for us because we only stopped over for a light meal at a very quaint Hogsback Hotel; which was also one of quite a few Hogsback hotels.

Time was very limited and we had little opportunity to explore the little Hogsback art studios / galleries, curio shops and restaurants. Hogsback needs at least a 2 or 3 day stop-over, and almost resembles the same holiday experience as the quaint towns of Clarens in the Freestate, and Dullstroom in Mpumalanga.

Wedding accommodation in Hogsback is booming, and they tell me that Guest House and bed and breakfast accommodation in Hogsback is so popular because of the weddings, that any Hogsback accommodation should be booked WAY in advance.

The town of Hogsback is set at the top and along the slopes of a mountain side (I guess it's the Hogsback Mountain?), and lends itself to a fantastic winding, down run to East London.......wow, what views, and what a great road.

Cheers Hogsback.....we'll be back for a longer visit in the future and to check out the great opportunities of Hogsback accommodation.

East London, here we come.

Carlo and Ren

Nearby Towns With Accommodation

Eastern Cape, Hogsback Accommodation

Drive 140km North from Grahamstown, Eastern Cape and you come to the quaint little village of Hogsback, named after three mountain peaks which look like the wild hogs which run through the Hogsback forests. It is in these centuries old indigenous Eastern Cape forests that one can hear the call of the Knysna Lourie / Loerie, see a troop of Samango monkeys, or catch a glimpse of the endangered Cape Parrots that nest in the tall Yellowwood trees.

Hogsback's pure mountain air, waterfalls and natural beauty attracts nature lovers who love to hike, mountain bike, bird watch, mountain climb and trout fish in this Eastern Cape paradise, as well as couples who chose the enchanted Hogsback forests as the place to get together in marriage, then honeymoon in romantic Hogsback Wedding Accommodation.
Hogsback has become an 'artists colony', with painters, potters, musicians and poets flocking to make their home in this area of the Eastern Cape. Evidence of their talents can be seen at Hogsback Starways Pottery & Gallery, Mafika Pottery, and at the Voice of the Earth Eco Shrine, a unique outdoor garden decorated with mosaics, sculptures and oil paintings, offering breathtaking views of the Hogsback Eastern Cape Amatola Mountains.

When looking for Eastern Cape Hogsback accommodation, Maylodge Country Cottages - Hogsback Self Catering Cottage Accommodation, invites you come and spoil yourself, and promises "a garden forever in bloom filled with magical, exciting discoveries". This ideal Hogsback accommodation hideaway will rejuvenate body, mind and soul while you soak up the beauty of nature - experiencing swirling mists and stunning sunsets. Hogsback Self Catering Cottage Accommodation is within walking distance of various restaurants, pubs, shops, cascading waterfalls and hiking/mountain bike trails. This Hogsback accommodation caters for the disabled, and qualifies as Hogsback Wheelchair Friendly Accommodation.

Towns near Eastern Cape Hogsback with WhereToStay listings:

Eastern Cape, King William's Town - 89.7km from Hogsback Accommodation

Lying about 50km West of East London Accommodation, King William's Town is considered one of the most interesting towns to visit in the Eastern Cape.
When visiting King William's Town, the Eastern Cape Amatole Museum is a "must see", as it boasts the world's largest collection of mammals, including the body of the legendary Huberta - the much loved hippo who in the early 1900's walked more than 1500 km from KwaZulu-Natal to the Eastern Cape, only to be shot dead by hunters one month later.
For the sporty, near King William's Town visitors will find the Eastern Cape Rooikrans, Maden and Laing Dams, which are wonderful places for fishing and water sports, with some very popular Eastern Cape Amatola Mountain hiking routes starting in the area, making King William's Town Accommodation options an ideal overnight base. The King Williams Town Golf Club may not be a top rated golf course, but is worth trying out if you've booked into Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in King Williams Town.

Eastern Cape, Stutterheim - 98km from Hogsback Accommodation

The historic Eastern Cape town of Stutterheim lying at the foot of the Amatola Kologha Mountains appears to be a quiet little village, but there's plenty to do, as Stutterheim offers a myriad of outdoor activities in its forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. The outdoor enthusiast can enjoy mountain biking, archery, abseiling, guided walks, horse riding, sailing and birding, and the avid fisherman will find the crystal clear waters of nearby Gubu Dam teeming with big brown trout and bass. For golf lovers, the Eastern Cape Stutterheim Country Club is home to what is considered to be one of the country's best rural golf courses.
For an Eastern Cape cultural experience, visit the Mgwali Village and learn about the Xhosa tradition. Stop by the Stationary Engine Museum which houses a wide collection of steam engines from days gone by; the Thomas River Historical Village; Rock Art Museum, and much much more.

Stay in Star Graded Stutterheim Hotel Accommodation situated at the base of the Eastern Cape Amatola Mountains, or Star Graded Stutterheim Self Catering Accommodation where you can spend time in the magnificent Easrtern Cape forests just 5 minutes walk from the door.

Eastern Cape, Grahamstown - 140km from Hogsback Accommodation.

"Student City" is another name for Grahamstown, as thousands of eager minds flock to the Eastern Cape Rhodes University - rich in education, arts and Eastern Cape culture, and renowned for it's generations of academics.
During the July winter holidays when the students head for home outside Grahamstown, the young, lively vibe is replaced with yet another influx, this time artists, performers and visitors who gather for the annual Grahamstown National Arts Festival, a 10 days celebration of dance, theatre, comedy, music, art exhibitions, workshops and tours. If you wish to attend the Grahamstown Arts Festival, accommodation in Grahamstown should be considered and booked way in advance. You will find opulent Star Graded Grahamstown Bed & Breakfast Accommodation ideally located in the heart of Grahamstown, as well as sought after Grahamstown Pet Friendly Accommodation options on the 'sunny side' of Grahamstown.
Alternatively, if you're looking for another type of Grahamstown holiday accommodation, you will find a variety of outlying Grahamstown Game Reserve Accommodation establishments located between Grahamstown and Kenton-on-Sea in the Eastern Cape. Sibuya Game Reserve is a worthwhile consideration.

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We make a concerted effort to recruit a wide selection of suitable Hogsback Accommodation, Eastern Cape, particularly the more popular categories such as Hogsback Bed & Breakfast Accommodation, Hogsback Self Catering Accommodation, Hogsback Guest House Accommodation, and other Hogsback lodgings such as Self Catering Cottages in Hogsback, and Hogsback Hotels.
Our aim is to present a mixture of upmarket Hogsback Accommodation, as well as affordable accommodation (to suit all pockets and tastes), especially for Self Catering Accommodation in Hogsback, which is a category more geared for family holiday accommodation in Hogsback. Hogsback Hotels should be considered for business or holiday accommodation in Hogsback (or in towns near Hogsback).

Suitable Hogsback Accommodation can also be found in King William's Town - 89.7km from Hogsback Accommodation, and Stutterheim - 98km from Hogsback Accommodation; Grahamstown - 140km from Hogsback Accommodation. 

For specific accommodation needs, see our Special Category for Hogsback Wheelchair Friendly Accommodation.

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