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The small town of Douglas in the Northern Cape Province is situated on the river Vaal about one hundred kilometers to the west of Kimberley and just upstream from the junction of the Vaal with the Orange river. The town was established in 1867 on a mission station close to a well used ford on the River Vaal, and named after the Lieutenant Governor of the Cape Province, Sir Percy Douglas. Douglas has developed into a well-known farming area using irrigation from the Vaal.

Glacial pavements can be found in the Douglas area dating back some 290 million years, and hundreds of rock engravings made with stone tools can be seen here - visitors wishing to see the engravings must obtain permission from the McGregor Museum in Kimberley. There is abundant bird life in the area, especially along the Orange River, which forms an oasis through the arid Northern Cape. Fishing on the Vaal River in the Douglas area is excellent, and the seven most important fresh water fish are found here.





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Douglas Accommodation, Kalahari & Diamond Fields
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