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Golden Gate Highlands National Park

  • Dramatic sandstone features rise upwards to form a spectacular meandering drive for over 15kms. It's a photographers paradise!  © PixelPirates
  • Golden Gate National Park on route to Clarens  © PixelPirates
  • Heading towards the Protea Corner view site.  © PixelPirates
  • The route offers ample pull-over points to get that perfect picture  © PixelPirates
  • A portion of the panoramic view from the Protea Corner view site  © PixelPirates

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

The dramatic sandstone rock formations are the defining feature of Golden Gate. Named after two towering, almost perpendicular, rock formations that face each other and divided by a valley, Golden Gate National Park is a photographers paradise. Hiking trails, afford the opportunity of coming across some of the wildlife which include the black wildebeest, blesbok, springbok and eland. The rare bearded vulture, uncommon bald ibis and black eagle are just some of the highlights for bird watchers.

Attractions & Activities at Golden Gate Highlands National Park.
- hiking trails
- bird watching
- horse trails

Summary of Wildlife & Flora:
Birdlife: bearded vulture, bald Ibis, black eagle
Mammals: black wildebeest, blesbok, springbok, eland, oribi
Vegetation: highveld grasslands

- just over 65 km southwest of Harrismith, 20 km east of Clarens on the R712.

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