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Zip slide 2000

Zip slide 2000
Unreal is the worlds longest and fastest zip slide. The initial product is the ZIP slide 2000 at Sun City in South Africa. It is 2000m long and some 280m high with an average speed of 120 km/h. The owner of Unreal, Tim Dawson has worked extensively in the field of adventure activity design, construction and utilisation in the United Kingdom and Europe, specialising in the use of wire ropes e.g. constructing ropes courses, big swings, climbing walls and zip slides etc.

What is a Zip Slide?
Traditionally and some what inappropriately referred to as Death Slides. Known in the USA as Zip Wires or Zip Slides, in Australia and New Zealand as Flying Foxes and South Africa as Foefie Slides. In the United Kingdom as in the rest of the world, they are now referred to as Zip Wires or Zip Slides or occasionally aerial runways. The ZIP slide 2000 at Sun City is approximately 280 meters high, two kilometers long, reaches a speed of 120 kilometers per hour plus and guarantees a two to three minute unadulterated adrenalin rush. With Face Adrenalins Bloukrantz bridge bungie jump reaching the Guinness World Book of Records as the highest bungie jump in the world, the Zip 2000 entry as the worlds longest and fastest zip slide is sure to secure South Africa on the international adventurer tourists list of countries to visit

What about safety?
The Zip 2000 at Sun City adheres to all necessary safety standards and is currently the only Zip Slide to be certified by the Department of Labour. Sliders (people sliding) experience the feeling of flying and acceleration as they descend down the wire, secured in two harnesses and suspended below a free running trolley that is attached to a steel cable. Sliders are at times 100m in the air and at other times only 2.5m above the ground. The cable runs from the top of the 280m high koppie to the top of a mast 2km away. Towards the end of the ride, the decent is slowed as you go uphill, then you roll back to the lowest point on the wire where you are assisted to dismount the ride.

Tell me more about my options!
Solo and tandem slides are available so this ride has an appeal for even the most amateur adventure junkie. Unlike many other adventure activities, this experience is open to young ones from the age of 12, making it a fun activity for the whole family. (so far the oldest person to go down the slide has been a Scottish woman of 84!) The Zip 2000 brings something extraordinary, outrageous and fun to anyone seeking some action and adventure in a truly unique and unforgettable way. The Zip 2000 is more agreeable to some people than say the activity of Bungy-jumping, because there is no free fall involved.
The Zip 2000 is an ideal activity for the adventurous at heart aged 12 years and over. Everyone from bungy jumpers to parachutists, water-skiers to golfers, horse-riders to housewives, in fact - anyone! The zip 2000 is great fun used as part of a team building package for corporate groups visiting Sun City.

Bookings for the zip slide experience can be made via the Sun City Welcome Centre Information desk by calling +27-14-5571544. The activity costs R395 per person and departures to the zip slide are every two hours, every day except Mondays. Tours leave at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. There is only room on the tours for 16, people 10-12 sliders and 4-6 spectators so booking is essential. Spectator fee R90 per person. Sliders are collected from the Welcome Centre and taken to the top of the mountain in our specially customised Toyota Dyna, then collected at the end of the ride and returned to the Welcome Centre.

If you wish to book over the phone in advance you must supply your credit card details at time of booking to secure your booking. No booking is secure without payment.

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