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Western Soutpansberg Conservancy

Western Soutpansberg Conservancy

Like an island rising out of the bushveld, the Soutpansberg, or Tha vhani ya muno (Mountain of Salt) stretches for approximately 150km in an east-west direction and at points reaches 60km wide. In order to protect the 90 000 hectares of this incredibly beautiful and sensitive area, in the far Northern Province of South Africa, the Western Soutpansberg Conservancy was formed in 1997. Soutpansberg has an exceptional richness of fauna and flora and is often referred to as the pantry of the North. Yellowwood trees, proteas, baobabs, tree ferns and other plants and animals which occur in no other place in the world, make the Soutpansberg one of the most unique natural areas in the country. The Western Soutpansberg Conservancy aim to ensure the "the conservation of the Western Soutpansberg area for future generations by conserving its natural environment, including its cultural history, its flora and fauna, and by accommodating and integrating any man-made activities in such a way as to minimise any negative exploitation of any part of the area, while simultaneously ensuring that all stakeholder interests are taken into account. Above all, the mountain and its unique natural environment must prevail - with man being merely its caretaker."

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Email: info@soutpansberg.co.za

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