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Nuwejaars River Nature Reserve

Nuwejaars River Nature Reserve

Nuwejaars River Nature Reserve is a Section 21 company which was formed by the Nuwejaars Wetlands Land Owners Association. The owners of properties bordering the Agulhas National Park formed what is known as a Special Management Area and have committed themselves to conservation, fighting climate change, farming sustainably and uplifting all who live there. The land has been divided into three areas - the Core Area, Buffer Area and Transition Area.
The Core Area is the conservation area that lies in the center of the SMA and is in the process of being fenced in. Wild animal species that have been driven out of the region are being re-introduced.
The Buffer Area surrounds the core conservation area and provides a buffer between conservation and agricultural land and serves to protect the core area.
The Transition Area surrounds the buffer area and is where farming activities continue.
The SMA spans 44,000 hectares and protects the wetlands, conserves endangered fynbos and creates jobs through various projects including, restoring threatened wetlands and rare fynbos, clearing invasive aliens, reintroducing game that once roamed the area, ensuring sustainable agricultural production, introducing visitors to the Agulhas Plain and its natural specialties, and addressing climate change and carbon sequestration.
One of the reintroductions that have taken place in the SMA is that of a family of Hippos. Hippos were last seen in the Agulhas Plain in the 1850s. The family consists of two females, two babies and one bull which all live at Waskraalvlei on the SMA property. Game on the Nuwejaars River Nature Reserve include buffalo, eland, springbuck, bontebok, and more and their game interpretative tour, the Guided Bufallo Tour, is now open for bookings. This tour is approximately 2 hours long and departs daily from the Black Oystercatcher at 10:00 and 15:00.

For more information and bookings please contact:
Email: linda@nuwejaars.com

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