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Bokkom Laan

Bokkom Laan

Bokkom Laan (Lane) is the home of a small bokkom industry in Velddrif. Bokkoms are Mullet that are salted, then strung into bunches and hung up to dry, almost like a fish biltong. They are unique to this part of the West Coast and every visitor to this area should try them before leaving. But it is not all just Bokkoms that you will find in Bokkom Laan, there is also Marina Clunies Art Studio, Ek en Djy Visserye and a restaurant in Bokkom Laan. There are a number of these little buildings which have been declared as national monuments.
Marina Clunie paints exceptional paintings, mostly from what she observes from her studio in Bokkom Laan. Her paintings include water, boats and landscapes, but in all of these her desire is not to capture the beauty of the scene, but rather the mood of the scene creating a certain atmosphere.
Ek en Djy Visserye can be found next to Marina Clunies Art Studio. The owner Desmond tries to stock his little shop with anything from West Coast souvenirs to antiques, home made jam, roll mops, mussels, fresh fish, etc. Desmond also seems to know everything about Velddrif and its history. So if you need to know a little more than what the tourism bureau can provide you with or something specific about Velddrif then pop in and have a chat with Desmond.
A little further down the road you will find Die Vishuis, a small converted fish house, where the owner, Jill Anziska turns out great food with the most magnificent setting in her West Coast themed restaurant on the banks of the Berg River. For more information contact Die Vishuis on Tel: +27-22-7831183
Bokkom Laan is truly a taste of tradition, flavour and history and a stop not to be missed.

For more information please contact:
Tel: +27-22-7831821
Fax: +27-22-7831821
Or email: velddristoerisme@telkomsa.net

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