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Berg River Estuary

Berg River Estuary

Situated on the R27, about 140 km north of Cape Town lays a birdwatchers dream destination, the Berg River Estuary. Lying between Velddrif and the adjacent Laaiplek, there is no shortage of accommodation or camping facilities. The area provides a wide diversity of wetland habitats, which are not only very accessible but also close together. There are extensive mudflats, salt marshes, saltpans, strandveld vegetation, farmlands, riverine, floodplain and coastal habitats present in a relatively small area which ensure a wide variety of birdlife. There is a bird hide which overlooks the main mudflat, to which access is available once aquiring a key from the Flamingo Restaurant across the road. The area is generally accessible by tar road, the network of dirt roads allows one to approach the birds in the Cerebos Salt Works (Obtain permission to visit the saltworks from the office) very closely. These roads should not be used in winter after rain, as they become dangerously slippery.
The main attraction for birdwatchers in this area is the large numbers of Palaearctic migrant waders and terns which include the Eurasian Curlew, the Marsh Sandpiper, the Bar-tailed Godwit and the Little Tern. The Little Blue Heron, the Hudsonian Godwit and the Lesser Yellowlegs are some of the most famous of the rare species which can be found on the Berg River Estuary.

Currently plans are underway regarding the management of the Berg River Estuary as it currently does not fall under any management and there are fears that this natural habitat may be in danger. For more information regarding this matter, please contact Michelle Tiedt of the Velddrif Service and Ratepayers Association at michelletiedt@telkomsa.net

For more information on the Berg River Estuary please contact:
Tel: +27-22-7831821
Fax: +27-22-7831821
Or email: velddristoerisme@telkomsa.net

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