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Bongola Dam

Bongola Dam - Amatola & Stormberg, Eastern Cape  © Henry, Copyright

Bongola Dam

The Bongola Dam, situated in the Karoo heartland five kilometers outside of Queenstown on the Doordrecht Road, serves as one of the main water sources for the dry region. Construction of the dam was was undertaken in 1905, and upon completion Bongola Dam held the distinction of being South Africa's largest concrete dam wall until five years later when another dam earned the title. The origin of the dam's name was the subject of much controversy, having being derived from the Xhosa word for donkey -"mbongolo". It is believed that these creatures were used extensively in the construction of the dam.

Recent years have seen the popularity of the Bongola Dam as a popular venue for recreational activities increasing significantly. Today the dam serves as an ideal location for a variety of watersports which include boating, water-skiing, wind surfing and Angling. Keen fisherman are provided with the excellent opportunity to test their wits and skill against a variety of species which include black bass and bluegill.

The Bonolga Dam is also the home of the Queenstown Power and Yacht Club, whose premises also serve as a popular venue for various functions and events. A number of racing events are staged at the dam throughout the year, and in recent years have included Formula One power boat racing, inflatable boat racing and numerous fun raft races. For visitors hoping to pursue less energetic activities, the Bongola Dam also features a number of scenic picnic spots ideally situated under shady trees, and providing excellent photographic opportunities of the nearby mountains in the region.

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