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Hester Rupert Art Museum

Hester Rupert Art Museum - Western Region, Eastern Cape  © Suzi-k @ Wikimedia

Hester Rupert Art Museum

Magistrate Andries Stockenstr¨m donated a portion of land and six windows towards the construction of a Dutch Reformed missionary church. The corner stone was laid on 24 April 1821 and the church was finished later that same year. After being used as a school, and then an activity centre, Dr Anton Rupert of the Rembrandt foundation arranged for the Historical Homes of South Africa to buy the disused and dilapidated church in Church Street in 1965. He brought the property, and it was restored it to its former glory. Upon completion the building was handed over to the Graaff-Reinet town council, and it's now used as an Art Museum and named in honour of Dr Rupert's mother.

The museum was officially opened in July of 1966 by old state president C.R Swart, and houses an impressive collection of over a hundred various artworks from prominent South African artists, such as the renowned Maggie Laubser, popular author, historian and artist Johannes Meintjies, and one of South Africa's foremost painters Ernst de Jong. The works displayed in the Hester Rupert Art Museum were all donated by the artists.

The Hester Rupert Art Museum is located in Church Street, in Graaff-Reinet. For more information contact the museum on (049) 586 1030.

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