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Pietermaritzburg City Hall

The City Hall in Pietermaritzburg is located on the corner of Commercial Road and Church Street was built on the grounds of the old 'raadsaal' (meeting hall), and dominates the city centre with its 150ft clock tower. It is said to be the largest all-brick building in the Southern Hemisphere and coincidently houses the world's largest pipe organ. The first City Hall was built in 1893 and was destroyed by fire in 1898. The Duke of Cornwall and York (later King George V), formally opened the current Pietermaritzburg City Hall after restoration, on 14 August 1901.

The Pietermaritzburg City Hall is a popular tourist attraction in KwaZulu Natal. The building was declared a National Landmark in 1969. Adjacent to the City Hall is Carbineer Gardens where you can find the Langalibalele Monument and Sherwood Foresters Monument.

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