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Kirkwood Wildlife Festival

Kirkwood Wildlife Festival - Western Region, Eastern Cape  © pixabay

Kirkwood Wildlife Festival

The Kirkwood Wildlife Festival 
This year's lineup includes over 300 stalls, and an expected attendance of 45,000.

Live South African Entertainment
Capella - Flip a Coin
Andre Schwartz - Liefde...al dan nie
Nog Cocktails & 'n Crooner

Other Artists Include:
Steve Hofmeyr does Neil Diamond, Madelein, Elsabe Rademeyer, Esti, Elsabe Rademeyer, JJ Stephens, Carina Renz, Waldo, Cheree & Black Stetsons, Marle, Donovan Valance, Elsabe Rademeyer, Billy Forest, Karen Ferreira, Gerrie Pretorius, Mattheus, Gerrie Pretorius, Bobby Angel , Mean Mr. Mustard, Lianie May, DJ Ossewa

The year's attractions include The Wheel of Death - no safety nets or harnesses, just pure adrenalin., Belly Dancers, Flamenco Dancers, wine tasting, Donkey Cart Competition, Miss Wildsfees 2009 Finals, Wild Sky Dive, and much more.

Wildlife Auction
Everything from aardvarks to zebra are going on the block

Bungee Rocket
- go from 0-100 in 1 second in the bungee rocket
- experience 6 g's of force as you're catapulted 50m into the air

Tel: 042 230-0064 / 042 230-0066
Location: Kirkwood, Eastern Cape

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