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Nomax Beach House


Peak season :

19 APRIL - 22 APRIL : R7600
23 APRIL - 4 MAY : R6300
13 DEC - 4 JAN : R9600
5 JAN - 12 JAN : R6300

In Season : R6900 per day

6 DEC - 12 DEC

Semi Season : R5600 per day

7 JAN - 12 JAN
14 JUNE - 8 JULY
8 AUG - 10 AUG
20 SEPT - 30 SEPT
29 NOV - 5 DEC

Out of Season : R4600 per day

13 JAN - 14 MARCH
5 MAY - 13 JUNE
9 JULY - 7 AUG
11 AUG - 19 SEPT
1 OCT - 28 NOV
Rates subject to change without notice.



Peak season :          

9 APRIL - 13 APRIL : R 7 900  
18 DEC - 3 JAN : R10 400  

In Season : R8500 per day

10 DEC - 17 DEC

 Semi Season : R6 050 per day                                       

3 JAN - 11 JAN
14 APRIL - 2 MAY
12 JUNE - 5 JULY
7 AUG - 9 AUG
18 SEPT - 28 SEPT
4 DEC - 10 DEC

4 JAN - 10 JAN  

Out of Season : R4900  per day  


Rates are subject to change without notice.

Terms Of Payment
Please note that there is an additional refundable breakage deposit of R3000.
Prices Include:
Self-catering and servicing of the apartment every day except Sunday's and Public Holidays.
Cancellation Policy
In the event of premature departure, we may charge for the full original booking.
0 - 14 days before date of arrival, or no-show - visitor forfeits 100% of deposit paid.
15 - 28 days before arrival - visitor forfeits 75% of deposit paid or 25% of full quote value (whichever greater).
29+ days before date of arrival - visitor forfeits 50% of deposit or 25% of full quote value(whichever greater)
On receipt of a written instruction to cancel, I will refund the applicable amount as determined by the cancellation terms as stipulated, within 5 working days.  A  4.5% administration fee will be levied on any refunds processed. 
Arrival & Departure Times
Arrival time: from 2pm onwards
Departure: 10am.
Conditions of Letting
1.    Charges applicable to any accommodation are as follows:
a.    Rental - tariff as quoted which includes all linen services and out cleans
b.    Breakage Deposit  - R3000.00(refundable)
2.    Bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of a 50% deposit of the rental plus all other charges.
3.    Balance of rental is due 7 days before arrival.  Should payment not be honoured for any reason whatsoever keys shall not be given or left out.  You will also be liable for such legal costs on an attorney and own client scale, including any tracing agent fees and shall bear interest at the rate of 25% (twenty five percent) per annum from date of such dishonourment.
4. Deposits are not refundable unless the accommodation is re-let for the full period minus a R500.00 cancellation fee.
5. Should refunds to a Swift bank account be required, an additional R400 charge will be levied
6.    NOMAX BEACH HOUSE  reserves the right to substitute similar accommodation should the unit booked not be available for any reason whatsoever.
7. The maximum number of persons occupying the unit must not exceed the number of beds. Should we find that more people are being accommodated than allowed (i.e. the number of persons occupying the flat/house must not exceed the number of beds), please be advised that we have the right to ask you to leave, Forfeiting your rental.
8. Linen is supplied.  We are not equipped with toiletries.
9. Should TV sets or electrical appliances go faulty during your stay, we will endeavour to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.  However, no reduction in rent will be allowed for delays beyond our control.
10. Pets are not allowed under any circumstances
11. Students are not allowed unless accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay.  Should we find students staying without adult supervision they shall be evicted with immediate effect.
12.    Tenants may take occupation from 14h00 onwards and the accommodation is to be vacated by 10h00 on the date of departure.  These times are stipulated in order to facilitate the necessary cleaning services. Please note that during Peak Season, due to it being so busy, we ask our tenants to please be patient with regards to any delays.
13. Guests attend this establishment at their own risk. The Proprietor, ("the Proprietor") shall not be liable for, and the guest/s hereby waive/s and abandon/s any claims of whatever nature including but not limited to that for theft, injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, against the Proprietor, whether arising from the Proprietor's default, negligence or otherwise. The guest/s, in addition to the aforesaid, hereby indemnify the Proprietor against any claims which may arise from whatever nature, whether arising from the Proprietor's default, negligence or otherwise.
14. On departure please close windows & lock up patio furniture & Braai inside the garage. Alarm systems must be activated on departure. The TV needs to be kept on due to humidity.
15. A cleaning service is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with the exception of Public Holidays and Sundays.  The service includes vacuuming, mopping floors, dishes, Cleaning patios, dusting, emptying of rubbish bins, Cleaning of bathrooms and making of beds.
16. No sub-letting is allowed.
17.      The Breakage Deposit will be paid by approx. 14 days following departure. Breakage deposits are NOT held in an interest bearing account. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL BREAKAGES AND/OR DAMAGES WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM  BREAKAGE DEPOSIT.