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Coen's Place

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Due to the Covic19 virus, a special dispensation will be made to guests. This is due to the very quite nature of this venue, which makes very limited human contact possible if required. Special rates will therefor be quoted for the forseenable future, especially during this extended period of school holidaysi if the number of guests do not exceed 8, including children.

Rates can vary depending on actual dates, days of week, period of the year, length of stay, and number of guests, broken down by adults and children (with ages).

As a guide, the price range will be from R1800 (3 adults) per night for off-peak weekdays, to R3500 (8 adults) per night for weekends( & long weekends) in peak periods, or for December/beginning of January).


A quote will be provided once the dates, and number of adults/children, are known

Rates are subject to change without notice.