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Canteen Kopje, which was proclaimed a national monument in 1948, is also a site of some archaeological significance, as many Acheulian Stone Age artefacts have been discovered in the vicinity  © Janek Szymanowski, License

Barkly West

Barkly West is a beautiful suburb in the Northern Cape, previously known as Klipdrift is well known for its discovery in diamonds in the 1800's.

Barkly West is nearby many attractions for the whole family to enjoy. You can enjoy a day fishing, boating, canoeing or water skiing. Also you will be able to enjoy a unique experience of a guided tour in a diamond mine. Another very interesting day out is the infamous Big Hole in Kimberley which is an open pit mine and known as the largest man made hole.

Barkly West enjoys hot to very hot summer months with cool to very cold winter months with temperatures dropping considerably in the evenings.

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Barkly West Accommodation, Kalahari & Diamond Fields
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