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Rastafarian Earth Festival

Rastafarian Earth Festival

Judah Square in Knysna is where you will find this year’s Rastafarian Earth Festival. Currently rated 300 out of the world’s best festivals, this event draws in Rastas from South Africa and abroad.

This colourful festival will be held on 22nd – 28th July 2015. During this time, Judah Square plays host to ten days of ceremonies, music and art exhibitions - all in celebration of His Majesty Haile-I Selassie-I's Earthday (Birthday) and Emancipation Day. The festival includes seven days of church ceremonies (Nyahbingh) and guides will be on hand to explain the rituals and sacred rites. Two days of Music Splash will ensure that everyone dances to the same beat before the festival concludes with the Emancipation Celebration, celebrating the abolition of slavery.

The Rasta Earth Festival showcases the Rastafarian way of life, the music, the food and the philosophy behind this sometimes misunderstood faith.
The community of Judah Square welcome visitors with open arms and open hearts.

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