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Redberry Farm - Bubble Ball

Walk on water inside the Bubble Ball 

Redberry Farm - Bubble Ball

Walk on water inside the Bubble Ball

Bubble ball is a fun water activity for kids and teens.  Step inside the inflatable ball and use your balancing skills to roll across the farm dam or stick close to the pier and run on one spot… just make sure not to fall through the hole!


5 minutes… but it will feel like an hour!


You will be required to remove your shoes to stand inside the bubble ball.


This is for able-bodied people only, who can swim.  There is a chance that you can fall through the holes on either side, which is a part of the thrill.

Maximum Weight: 


Age Category

For older children and teenagers.


Please Note:

All of our activities are weather dependent.  Bubble Ball is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.  During Western Cape public school holidays, Bubble Ball will run Monday – Saturday.  Bubble Ball is also available on public holidays provided the holiday does not fall on a Sunday, when the farm is closed (Redberry Farm is closed on the following public holidays: Good Friday and Christmas).

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